Adam Express Reopens in Mt. Pleasant!

Back in mid-Nov. we heard Mrs. Bae of Adam Express was ill and would be going to Korea for treatment. A heartbreaking note was left in the window of Adam Express, located 3211 Mt Pleasant St, NW, saying they would be closed while in Korea. Thanks to all who sent word that Adam Express has reopened. I stopped by on Sunday to get word on Mrs. Bae’s condition but they were closed. Hopefully the reopening is a good sign that all is well. If anyone knows more of Mrs. Bae’s condition please let us know. And def. stop by the store to say hi:

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  • That is wonderful….I hope we hear good news on the health front soon!

  • Mrs. Bae is doing fine. Her medical treatment in South Korea was successful, effective and far more affordable than what comparable treatment would have been here in the States. However, Mr. and Mrs. Bae have decided that after years of being open 6 days a week, that a transition to a 5 day a week schedule was in their best interest to maintain good health. While I wish I could order from them everyday, I’m glad that they’ve decided to have an actual weekend to rest and enjoy the company of their family and friends.

    • Thanks for the update! I’m so glad to learn she is doing well. I’ll be stopping by for my Korean food fix this week…mmm…

  • Mrs. Bae her “medical treatment” and “temporary closure” of her carry out we really just a cover for her and her husband “taking care” of Kim Jong Il. Come on I can’t be the only person thinking of that? Funny right?

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