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  • so much better then CVS

  • Slow news, perhaps. But these are the nuts and bolts retail openings that help improve neighborhoods in our city, especially underserved neighborhoods like Van Ness.

    • Yes, because there’s not a finite number of prescriptions to be filled in this city, already handled by CVS and Rite Aid. Sky’s the limit!

      Walgreen’s is here to compete with CVS and to drive a good chunk of them out, which they’ll no doubt do. It might be good for consumers, since competition helps drive prices down, but it’s no boon for pharmacy technicians, stock boys, and check-out people, all of whom are playing a zero sum game.

      I’m all for retail opening, but this city is not better served by the opening of more retail pharmacies. Not even in Van Ness.

  • It’s a nice looking building. Is there parking?

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