Major Renovations Start on Vacant Building Next to Mood Lounge in Shaw/Mt. Vernon Square

Serious renovations have started on the building next to Mood Lounge at 1320 9th St, NW (near the Convention Center.) Back in May ’09 I shared some scuttlebutt that this would be the workshop/showroom for designer Darryl Carter. I still believe those are the plans.

Should be a pretty sweet reno. Stay tuned for the before and after photos.

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  • This is so exciting for 9th Street!! It is still the Darryl Carter project. The inside is already gutted. I asked if I could have the oak railing, balusters, and newel post but they’re being reused which is a great sign. I don’t know the configuration of this meandering building but with the talent of Mr. Carter I’m sure this place is going to be amazing. Hope he uses the great storefront and doesn’t work behind close blinds.

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