Judging Restaurants – Ollie’s Trolley

Ollie’s Trolley is located at 425 12th St, NW (12th and E St, NW.) You can see their menu here and their website says:

The Ollieburger. 5oz & 8oz of 100% Fresh All Natural Black Angus Beef grilled with their special herbs and spices — which we cook to order (Rare to Well-done). You can taste the spices enjoyably, but can’t readily identify them — served with fresh/crisp lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and secret sauce on a sesame bun. The ingredients are all fresh.

Our famous Ollie’s seasoned fries are tossed in actual herbs and spices. They are known as the best fries in town, and worthy of their “famous” title.

Crab cakes and fish sandwiches are never FROZEN and prepared fresh daily. Crab cakes are made out of ALL JUMBO LUMP Crabmeat with no fillings.

Steak-N-Cheese is one of the most popular sandwiches. Many customers believe our Steak-n-cheese is better than the one in Philly.

Any fans?

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  • RIP Ollie’s between Vermont and 15th on L St NW. Used to have the best spiced fries and some greasy good cheesesteaks.

    I have never determined what their relationship to this location further downtown is, but I think they make a decent crabcake sandwich and fries for lunch.

  • This place is a total tourist trap. I went there with a friend once and that was enough. The burger was sub-McDonald’s level and fries were smothered in Old Bay. They must make a lot of money though to keep that location.

    • That’s my assessment, too. It’s a great location that probably does 70% of its business serving tour groups that assume, because it’s not a chain, that it must be a venerable old DC establishment. That’s an admirable and smart marketing angle, but it does nothing for ginning up repeat customers. I ate there once and have never had any inclination to go back.

    • Hmm…it sounds like you’re saying fries smothered in Old Bay is a bad thing. As a native Marylander, I’m going to have to disagree. I use Old Bay like other people use salt. It makes everything better. Especially fries.

  • I was downtown on a Sunday few years back and I was hungry and just happened to be near this place. I don’t remember much about it but the burger was not very good. Every time I walk past this place I just get an uneasy feeling.

  • the burger had me running to the bathroom the minute i finished it… won’t be going back, though the neon signs are so tempting

  • Better than five guys not nearly a hellburger/shakeshack/good stuff experience.

    Tthis is way better than a tourist trap, its the end of a dying breed of independent, come-as-you-are fast food places. As a native of North Jersey whose high school experience was defined by late nights spent at diners, these places hold a special place in my heart (particularly the coronary arteries…).

    Long Live Ollie’s!

  • I really wanted to like this place….and yet…disgusting.

  • The Ollie’s Trolley franchise was originally started by John Y Brown who bought KFC from the Colonel. Mr. Brown became the governor of Kentucky and for a time was married to former Miss American and broadcaster Phyllis George.

    It’s sad that I know this without Googling.

  • “Any fans?”

    Only when I’m one good bout of puking away from my goal weight.

  • You people are on crack. Cheesesteak + Ollie fries = artery-punishing deliciousness.

  • mtpgal

    Ollie’s fries with a chocolate shake. Heaven. I’ve been trying to crack the code on their fries seasoning. They used to have all the seasoning out on a shelf but they are now sadly gone. I should have written them down when given the chance!

  • The steak and cheese is terrible. The burger…meh. I work nearby…Harry’s is the better option.

  • It was once a national chain. There are apparently just a few left in various parts of the country, none of which are really connected to each other anymore, other than by name.

  • I’ve only been here once and I would not go back. The burger was thin and really low quality. The fries were ok, but tasted like the frozen kind plus they are seasoned way too much. It made it difficult to eat and left a burning sensation on the roof of my mouth.


    Hangover cure.

  • I have always enjoyed getting a burger and fries here. The shakes have always been great too. I think better than the food though is the sense of nostalgia about the place. It feels like you are stepping back in time when you go in. Right out of the 70s. I think they do a great job at decent burgers and great fries and shakes.

  • I was too busy reading all the signs telling me that I can’t touch anything to pay attention to the mediocre burger.

  • Turrible food, but my buddy got a bj in the bathroom once. He met the girl in the restaurant. Straight from letters to Playboy. Lucky bastard…

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