Judging Restaurants – Granville Moore’s

I think of Granville Moore’s as the grand daddy of the “new” H Street, NE. Though with so many new restaurants opening up – I’m wondering if there are still dedicated fans? You can see their menu here. For the fans, any must order items?

Granville Moore’s is located at 1238 H St, NE.

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  • best moderately priced meal in town

  • One of my favorite places. The mussels and fries are great. Excellent beer selection too.

  • Their brunch is pretty great, it has a lamb chop and eggs dish, and the bartender has been working on a custom menu of Bloody Marys for a while. The moules (steamed Mussel bowls) are the signature dish. There are at least five different flavors, and they all go great with beer. My favorite would be the one with bleu cheese. Only thing is it is a bit dark inside, but that’s true of many H St. bars.

    • + 1! took some out-of-towners here for brunch and everybody was thoroughly happy with their meal. i don’t even like french toast, but they had cranberry french toast that was divine.

  • Love love love this place. I wish I got over to H Street more often.

  • That’s not how you spell “frites”!

    • that’s not how you spell *”Frites!”* -the exclamation point goes inside the close quotation.

      • Ugh. Don’t even get me started on punctuation inside of “quotes.” It just doesn’t make sense! Btw, in British publications, they use “quotes”.

      • Under American punctuation rules, periods and commas typically go inside quotation marks, but semicolons and exclamation marks typically go outside them.

        Exception: If the material inside the quotation marks was being uttered as an exclamation, then the exclamation mark would be on the inside:

        Upon arriving at Granville Moore’s, he exclaimed in delight, “Frites!”

  • My favorite restaurant in town! Can’t go wrong with Mussels Marinere and frites with truffle mayo.

  • Food and beer are both great – but it’s overpriced – not for DC, but in general. The aesthetics of the place are great too. It’s super hipster though, and while you can’t make reservations, somehow they claim to have waits of up to 3 hours if you call on a friday eve….. must be some slow eaters..

    • “Food and beer are both great – but it’s overpriced – not for DC, but in general. ”

      That makes no sense.

        • msmaryedith

          Agree. I think it is reasonably priced. It gets expensive if you start buying expensive imported, high-alcohol beers, but even those prices are very much in line with what you would pay for the same thing elsewhere. And you can get a Leffe or something similar for pretty cheap. But the beers are not overpriced–they are just high quality imports that cost more than the crap beers you can get at your average bar.

          The food here is amazing. Big fan of the mussels with pork belly and beer, and also the bison burger. And yes, you can wait up to 3 hours some nights. Not because people are slow eaters, but because it is tiny and tons of people want to go there. There’s a lot of turnover. And luckily they will take your cell phone number and let you go grab beers at the Pug or wherever else you want to go nearby, and then they call you when your table is ready.

          And I totally disagree with the people claiming service is spotty. The wait staff is friendly and not pushy at all. I’ve NEVER had bad service here–just long waits.

  • My wife and I went to Granville’s right after it first opened when we started looking for houses and it is one of the things that sold us about moving to the area. We still keep it in heavy rotation despite all the other food options we now have. Their daily specials are great, especially when they do steak or pork chops. Only complaints would be sometimes the frites all come out as tiny nubs instead of full length, and some of the beers are a dollar or two more expensive then they should be. Otherwise a solid spot that is still one of our favorites.

  • sunsquashed

    ditto the above comments….great food, good beers, nice vibe. We always try to eat at the bar, and typically don’t have to wait long, even on busy nights.

  • Great atmosphere and still easily the best food on H Street. One of my favorite DC spots for sure.

  • Food is very good. Beer list is decent. Service has been very spotty (drunk bartenders, etc.).

    • I’ve noticed that this is quite common in DC, and not in too many other places. Is drinking by employees actually permitted in DC, unlike almost every other jurisdiction in the United States? And before the smoking ban went into effect, it was just as common to see bartenders smoking behind the bar.

      • I bartend in DC and while it is relatively common to see bartenders drink while working here it is no more common then in other cities. I’ve worked in other cities and in my experience bartenders drink while working all over the world. I think it comes with the territory.

    • Totally with you on spotty service. Yikes.

  • Liked it a lot before, love it now that they are serving brunch.

  • Actually just went for the first time about a week ago (I know, I know, took me long enough!), and it was *awesome*. We got there around 6pm, and had no problem getting a table, but by the time we left it was wicked crowded, and that was a Wednesday evening!

    Good food, good beer, chill atmosphere. Definitely need to get back again soon! 🙂

  • best mussels in town.

  • claire

    Great place – the mussels are fantastic and I had some really great chicken and waffles here before too.

  • Only one negative review from PoPville so far. That says all you need to know.

  • Best. Place. Ever.

  • Great look and feel to this bar: very dark, lots of rustic old wood. You feel like you’re in a Cold War-era spy movie, set in a tavern in Warsaw.

  • Yum, yum, yummy!

  • Such carnage has not befallen mollusks since Lewis Carroll’s “The Walrus and the Carpenter.” The food and atmosphere was excellent. The Belgian beer selection is horribly overpriced, though. I bought an 11.2 oz bottle of Westmalle Tripel at $14 at GM, and the next week I found a 750 mL (~25 oz) bottle on the shelf at Harris Teeter for $11. I would go back, but I would have to reel in my appetite for beer.

    • Did Harris Teeter serve it to you in the correct glass, then clean up afterward? If you compare restaurant prices to retail in this way you just make yourself look clueless. Seriously.

      • So the convenience of drinking out of a Westmalle glass justifies the 200% markup? I would gladly pay more for a rare Belgian beer, but not when its exclusivity includes the chip aisle at a chain grocery store. By your logic I shouldn’t leave a tip because it’s already included in the cost of the beer.

  • Just awful food. Went there for dinner once. Their fries were loaded with salt and the food was nasty and greasy – don’t care for their overpriced beer either. DC has a lot of better options – ChurchKey is my personal favorite.

  • GiantSquid

    A big fan! On a first name basis with upstairs bartender and she takes care of us. Never had a bad thing there and considerably less pretentious than Belga. Only complaint is not being able to make a reservation which makes taking groups larger than three a potential long wait.

  • The moules are the best in town and the steak n cheese is divine!

  • I’d make the argument that The Argonaut is the real granddaddy of the ‘new’ H St NE. Granville is more like the cool uncle that everybody likes hanging out with.

    It’s a pretty good value. The Mussels are fantastic, the specials are often good: if a bit pricier than the standard menu. The desserts are good, and the cheesecake in particular is first rate.

    I like that they rotate the menu to keep it fresh and interesting for regulars, but do wish it had a few more items. I also wish it would get back to it’s Belgian roots – aside from the mussels and the occasional steak-frites special, the menu has drifted away from the opening concept.

    The beer selection is good given the space constraints of such a small place, and the tap selection rotates regularly.

    It isn’t as pure Belgian as Belga, and no-one can touch the beer selection of ChurchKey, but Granville is pretty fantistic for what it is, and is worth heading out there even if you don’t live in the neighborhood.

  • ya know PoP, I hope this restaurant reads this and comps you a very nice meal (or better) because I will now make a point to go here based on these reviews. I’ve been hesitant to get into the whiole H-street-thing, but now I will. I bet I speak for others on here as well. Thx

  • This is the first restaurant that I take out-of-town guests to. It’s my favorite in DC.

  • I’ve only been once (though it was my third try, as I was previously deterred by absurdly long waits), but they were the best mussels I’ve ever had, Belgium included. I don’t know where they get them, but they were HUGE. I have no clue if the other food is greasy, because my entire table just ordered different kinds of mussels, but they were all delicious and perfectly cooked.

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