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  • This place came out of St. Louis (no they don’t make St. Louis style pizza) and it is great. Although they are known for their deep dish (Obama flew the chef from Stl to DC to make it for the kids), get the Central West End thin crust!

    • I suppose I’ve given them enough time to get things sorted pizza-wise and service-wise and should try them again, but after my first visit my impression was that they don’t live up to Pi in St. Louis.

  • Never thought something from St. Louis would make this Chicago transplant so happy. Really good deep dish.

    • you just made THIS Chicago transplant have a glimmer of hope. Whenever I hear “authentic Chicago style” I get hopeful for some Lou Malnatis and always end up with something that could’ve come from Dominos.

  • Went to this place for first time right before Thanksgiving. Most surprising thing about it is how big it is. I had thought it was only a bar with a small seating area, but it goes on forever and has multiple floors.

    I only got appetizers, they were decent, though the pies that folks around me got looked great. Great beer selection as well, with an informed waiting staff.

  • I stopped in Sunday and had a couple of beers and had an order of the Blazed Wings while watching the Redskins struggle. They were the best non Buffalo wings I think I’ve ever had. They have a nice beer selection also.

  • Tried the meatball pizza and it was subpar. I would guess they used one meatball over the entire pizza, which then consisted of crust and sauce that tasted like it was out of a can. Needless to say, I was very disappointed to pay $20 for this and won’t be back.

  • went here a few months back, I had a very pleasant dining experience there. Plus the staff were really attentive and friendly

  • This is the best chicago style pizza I’ve found in the area, though I prefer neapolitan style (best being Pacci’s in Silver Spring).

    • Paccis…really?!?! that place is garbage!

      you need to try 2 amys, best hands down!

      • Totally disagree. Pacci’s is excellent, and all of my Neapolitan family that comes to town now demands we go there for a meal. Two Amys is delicious as well, but Rosario knows what he is doing up in Silver Spring.

  • The pizza is amazing, and the beer selection is fantastic. Non-happy hour prices are a bit steep, but what do you expect downtown?

  • Aren’t these the guys that run the truck? Pi on Wheels? If so, this pizza is simply amazing. And I typically never eat deep dish pizza.

    • Yes, same place. It’s surprising that the pizza from the truck is just as good as the pizza in the restaurant, and both are excellent. There’s a huge beer selection at the restaurant and the staff is also friendly. I’m a fan.

  • Wings are good but the pizza was bland as all get out. Armands is better.

  • I’m normally a fan of NYC/LI-type Neapolitan ppizza, but District of Pi makes the best Chicago-style I’ve ever had. It’s even better than Gino’s East in Chicago, as far as I can tell! The crispy crust is far superior to, say, Pizzeria Uno’s soggy mess of a pie. A bit loud insside for quiet conversation, but the service is excellent, a nice space, and delicious salads, too.

  • Best pizza in DC…there I said it…went for at least the fifth time last night

  • em

    Haven’t had the deep dish yet, as we went before a Caps game and there was a bit of a time crunch to eat and get to the game. The Bada Bing salad was quite tasty. The Lincoln Park thin crust was okay, but not my favorite (my partner liked it quite a bit, though).

    Our main complaints were the service (slooooooooow) and the fact that no one seemed to know how to sell a gift card (this was in late October, I think). We asked our server about purchasing a gift card when we paid the bill, but she never came back to follow up with us. We then asked the front desk people, who had to call a manager over, and even the manager seemed perplexed. Eventually, they did sell us the gift card, but when we got the bill, they’d charged tax on it (not the 10% food and beverage – just regular sales tax). By then, the manager and front desk people had disappeared again, and we needed to head over to the game, so we decided further waiting and explaining weren’t worth the $1 or so we’d been charged. I hope that with the holiday season, they’re better about selling gift cards now.

  • I’m not a deep dish guy generally, but I really liked their pizza. Not soggy at all and the cornmeal crust is a nice/different touch. Lots of space too so a good bet if you don’t want to wait forever for a table in a busy part of town.

  • Everyone is raving about it, so I feel like I was on an off night or something. They were really skimpy with our meat. Not impressed.

  • PDleftMtP

    Count me a fan too. There’s no better (or even competitive) deep dish in DC since Alberto’s went downhill.

  • Overpriced. Over-yuppied. Give me a big NY slice from Brooklyn or Staten Island or Newark. Jeez.

  • The pizza is pretty good, but we had a really bad experience with our waiter.

    This guy accidentally served our pizza to the table next to ours (deduced from the fact that they came in 15 minutes after us, ordered 15 minutes after us and got their pie 20 minutes after that), then gave us their pizza after we had waited for about an hour. When we pointed out that this was not, in fact, the pizza we had ordered, he blamed it on us. After we asked that he double-check, he looked at the check and realized we were right. So he rolled his eyes, and put in our order to the kitchen again. So we had to wait 1.75 hours to get the pizza. At the end, the manager came out, apologized and offered to comp our pizza, but the waiter himself never apologized at all. Hopefully, this guy has bee fired, ’cause it’s pretty bad business for the management to have to cover their waiters’ mistakes with comps.

  • Second best gluten pizza in the city after Open City. Great beers, competent bartenders and all-around good. Recommend.

  • Great pizza, tasty wings, and surprisingly good thin crust pizza too.

  • Outstanding gluten free pizza. Pretty good wings – not buffalo, but at least they don’t try and do buffalo wings, and wind up doing them poorly.

  • I love the the “central west end”! First pizza place I have liked so much since the BBQ chicken at Home Made Pizza Co.! I also recently tried the meatball deep dish…not a fan, but the group wanted deep dish, so whatever… I love the thin crust, pizza, and taste, so will def. be back to try others!

  • Cornmeal Crust!!

  • Went there twice to see a friend who was bartending,but since he’s moved on I doubt I’ll go back. The first time I got the deep dish. Is deep dish really supposed to have the cheese on the bottom? Cuz that ain’t real pizza. Anyway,it sucked. Little cheese and the sauce would’ve been better on spaghetti. The second time I had the thin crust with asiago and bacon,which smelled awesome and tasted just as good. But the place was too crowded,noisy,and yuppie for me to go back without a friendly bartender.

  • Food was ok but the service was absolutely awful. Admittedly, my group went at the lunchtime rush. But it took almost an hour to get our food. The server told us that the reason for this is because there are so many pizzas in the oven, that ours were in the back and they couldn’t come out till the ones in front came out. Seriously??? Won’t be going back until they figure out a better system for cooking their food.

  • First off, service was great. That and the atmosphere of Pi is pretty tight. But uhhhhh, the deep dish pizza…was pretty bad. My wife and I checked it out today and the sauce really isn’t flavored that well. As for all the reviews I read about “real chicago-style deep dish,” may you all burn in internet hell. That was NOT chicago-style deep dish. On the other hand, my cat loved the left-overs.

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