Judging Restaurants – Burger Tap & Shake

Burger Tap & Shake is located at 2200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW. When we judged District Commons earlier this week a few folks mentioned that Burger Shake & Tap was actually their sister restaurant. Their Website says:

It shares kitchen, keg space, and restrooms with District Commons, the Passion Food Hospitality restaurant now anchoring the CIrcle, but takes the casual vibe to whole new realm.

We grind – on premise – throughout the day a custom blend of 3–day aged, naturally raised Pineland Farms beef chuck and brisket. Char-griddled and served on a buttered, toasted, house made bun. By focusing on premium sourcing and in-house production – from pickles to ice cream – we are able to serve a great burger at a great price.

BTS is a counter service, seat-yourself burger joint with an atmosphere of no-nonsense industrial chic: light cement floors, an exposed black ductwork ceiling, and a cement bar faced with rough-hewn reclaimed wood. The walls of the open stainless steel grill-kitchen are lined with work-a-day subway tile. When your burger is ready, it is presented on a quarter-size metal sheet pan topped with a sheet of paper – no fuss, no muss, no plate!

How do the burgers compare to some other burger spots around town?

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  • Just wanted to let you know the name is Burger Tap & Shake.

    Honestly, it doesn’t even make sense that someone would Burger Shake & Tap. Isn’t it obvious that once you Burger, then you Tap and then you Shake? I think this is a pretty major oversight on your part PoP. *shakes head* What in the world is this blog coming to…

  • Tap and shake more than three times and you’re wanking it.

  • Had the 6-buck-Chuck (their basic burger) the other week. It was delicious–the buttered bun sealed the deal. Friendly bartender, good drinks. Will definitely be back.

  • My girlfriend and I each tried the six-buck chuck with onion rings and the BTS shake. All were delicious. We will definitely be back here soon. It might just be the best cheap burger in the district.

  • It’s awesome, far superior to BBP and there’s no line.

    • PDleftMtP

      “far superior to BBP”…there’s a lot of room between there and good, but I’ll take that as an endorsement.

  • Ate there twice – hated it. Meat too thin for the bun and overworked and mushy. Fries mealy and nasty, onion rings hard and too crusty. Not very busy at all, if you keep your eyes on it………..

  • Great burger. Not too greasy, good basic toppings, good buttered bun. Excellent beer list for a casual place. Nice addition to Foggy Bottom.

  • ate there the other day. The burger wasn’t bad per se- just nothing great. Five guys is a better and cheaper bet.

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