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  • Stopped by last week. Really enjoyed the pizza. The bar tender was friendly even when I got my order to go. He even refilled my soda in a to-go cup to take home with me. Had the Magical Mystery Tour (pesto based, button and Portobello mushrooms, mozzarella, spinach, feta, and jalapenos) – really tasty! Would definitely go back.

  • Great service, cool atmosphere, good beer list, and the appetizers were great, but I thought the pizza was lacking something. Can’t wait to go back and hang out on the rooftop, though.

  • Also, I think there’s a typo in the headline. Should be Mellow Mushroom’s.

  • Love it. They had some learning curve issues but things are beginning to run smoothly. Spinach/Artichoke dip with garlic bread is to die for. Great beer, great food, good service. Much better than Pete’s.

  • christanel

    I love MM but I still can’t believe they’ve limited their slices to a select time period. No Friday night/weekend slices. I don’t have time to get there between 11-3pm M-F. 🙁

  • Went here with my girlfriends the week that it opened. We got two pizzas and the hummus appetizer. It definitely was worth the wait. The crust was light and had a buttery taste, and each pizza was delicious. Cheers to this place — although it’s not a place I would visit once a week.

  • Had a great pizza, great beer and great bartender. The very nice and eager manager stopped by to make sure we were having a good time. Really good addition to the neighborhood.

  • Shaping up to be one of the better places in Adams Morgan. Great beer selection and great food. Their greek salad is awesome. Bartenders are really friendly and the upstairs bar (when it’s open) has plenty of seats.

    Plus, they make their Bloody Marys with zing zang mix, which by my account, is the best mix you can buy if you aren’t going to home make it.

  • I dropped by with two out of town friends on Friday night, and we really enjoyed our pizza and the parmesan garlic pretzels. Also, our server was fantastic. I can’t wait to go back.

  • I went about a month after they’d opened for a beer and the service was absolutely terrible. At one point the entire computer system went down and some poor lady getting takeout was forced to wait 25 minutes in order to pay for her food. These glitches happen– I worked in restaurants for four years so I get that.

    But the bartender was outright dismissive while she waited patiently. No comps for her troubles (15% off? A free beer while she’s sitting there? A complimentary dessert?), and to add insult to injury, he failed to apologize for the ordeal, or thank her for waiting.

    I really like Mellow Mushrooms and want to like this place. But watching how poorly this woman was treated really irked me. I hope the service has gotten better. It’ll be some time before I feel comfortable going back.

    • Ha! This happened to me, except for not because of the computer. I called for takeout (a meatball sub) the week that they opened. I was told it would be a 45 minute wait, which seems really long for slapping some meatballs on some bread, but whatever. I showed up 45 minutes later, and the hostess said it would be a few minutes. No big deal. I asked her where I should pay and she just vaguely pointed back at the bar. I asked the bartender if I could pay there, and he couldn’t find my name in the system. He went and got the hostess, and they seemed to be looking into my order for about ten more minutes while I waited at the bar. Turned out the hostess never gave anyone my order. They told me to wait a few more minutes while they got my order together…again, please just put some meatballs on some bread and call it a day. About 20 minutes later, they gave me my order and charged my credit card. I really wasn’t feeling very well, so I really wasn’t in the mood to fight with them over it…plus I was wearing yoga pants and a hoodie and was feeling uncomfortable sitting at the bar, so I just wanted to leave. I love me some Mellow Mushroom, and I live right there in Adams Morgan, so I have been back since and the service has been ok, but it usually takes a long time for food to come out. Word to the wise–choose somewhere else if you have any kind of time constraint!

  • I wish this place had opened while I was still living in Adams Morgan.

  • More upscale then the several locations I used to frequent in Atlanta. Pizza is about on par. I miss the wacky psychedelic themed paintings that were a staple in the southern branches.

  • It’s good pizza for Atlanta, which means that even here it’s a joke.

  • Good food and good beer. The people don’t know what they are doing. The servers don’t know what beers they have on tap, or what they’ve run out of. They don’t know how to stage an order so you actually get their delicious pretzels before the pizza’s come. Even though they are good, the pretzels are wildly inconsistent with how long they are cooked, how compact/thick/thin they are made. They have a lot of work to do on the execution side of the house. Also, the corrugated metal panels give away a lot of rust particulate if you touch them at all.

  • The pizza is great, as anticipated from eating at MMs in Atlanta and NC, but the service was pretty awful. We had an issue with the pretzels coming at the same time as the pizza, which doesn’t serve well as an appetizer and then they served us the wrong pizza and it wasn’t even hot. Given that it takes them 30 minutes to bake the pizzas (as our server advised us when we sat down and we waited 45 for it to be served) we just ate what they served us and got out of there.

    I went about a month after it opened and thought I’d give it some time to sort out the service issues and maybe hire some more experienced staff.

  • I’ve been several times now and while the food has always been great, there were definitely some hiccups in the first month or so after it opened. We had some very long waits for food, but they gave us a free pizza one time and a free appetizer another, so it’s hard to complain. The waiters and bartenders have been super friendly from the beginning, though I would like them to be a little more knowledgeable about the beers they have. All that said, we went last week and they really seemed to have sorted out a lot of the minor complaints I had with it. The food arrived promptly and the waiter seemed to have a good idea of what was going on. Now that they have their act together, I will be going back regularly.

  • excellent pizza and great beers. love the vibe and they started trivia and live music – which are both great adds for admo.

  • Dunno bout this…reminds me of Olive Garden in Times Square, it ain’t right!! (bit still packed, go figure) MM is good, so is Panera & Au Bon Pain -Hats off to Atlanta Chains.
    Lots of neat local places came out of the Post recent Pizza Pics (included MM) TBD’s follow up with DC Italians was really great. So Paci’s, Da Marco, 2 Amy’s on my list.


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