Judging Buildings – The Pierce School

Earlier in the week a reader mentioned the Pierce School lofts at 14th and Maryland Ave, NE. Rent.com says:

True New York Style Loft Apartment Now For Rent…Live In An Old School…1,115 Square Feet of Live/Work Space…. By their very definition, lofts are former commercial spaces that have been adapted for residential use and living/work environments. Pierce School Lofts are TRUE NY Style lofts just like you have seen in many popular movies. These lofts vary in size ranging from 1,115 sq. ft. to just over 2,200 total sq ft of living/work space. The 14′ ceilings and enormous windows that are each 8′ tall and 4′ wide really let the light in to create a vast, open and airy feel unlike any other traditional apartment. Many of the remnants from the school’s history still exist within each of the units including the original 110 year old hardwood floors, chalkboards, school clock, even the American flag. Evolve has added state-of-the-art kitchens within each of the units that include stainless steel appliances with a dishwasher, built-in microwave, side-by-side refrigerator, electric self-cleaning range and a front loading washer / dryer. The countertops are made of 3/4″ thick white carera marble that is reminiscent of the 1893 period in which the school was built.

The old cloakrooms of the school have now been converted into a master bathroom for each of the loft apartments. This new bathroom comes with a built-in ceramic tiled shower, claw foot soaking tub, built-in urinal and dual vanity with vessel sinks to give each bathroom an industrial / utilitarian look and feel that often makes guests stop and wonder if these bathrooms were original to the old school.

In addition to a unique living experience, Pierce School Lofts offers rich amenities that consumers in the highly competitive DC Rental market are looking for including a 38,000 gallon in-ground swimming pool, spa, and a professional gym. Pierce School Lofts have been upgraded with the latest in wireless Internet technology provided by DC Access so that residents can surf the net in their apartments or while sipping a drink by the pool.

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  • I have not been inside this place, but by all accounts it seems amazing. More properties really should retain original details, especially floors– I saw an apartment last night that had been reno’d top to bottom with pergo, 12×12 tile, drywall, and forced air heat (installed to replace perfectly functional radiators). I wanted to vomit.

    • …correct response…

    • THEY USED DRYWALL?!?! ohhh the horrors.

      Drywall sounds like a terrible idea, unfit for anyone working in an old house… that is until you try to pay for a plaster over lathe construction – or worse yet, try to do it yourself. Everyone who doesnt own a house thinks its a great idea… people who actually own a house couldnt fathom spending 10x as much to get a plaster wall constructed.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with using drywall when you renovate. In fact, I am unaware of new plaster walls really being that common at all. I am sure that the Pierce School has interior walls with sheetrock over them…

      • I mostly meant that all together, new construction feels cheap. Especially when it’s done flipper-cheap, as a lot of places are now.

        About the drywall, I don’t have a problem with it, except when it’s used to replace a perfectly good, structurally sound plaster wall. And yeah, that does happen in lots of renovations, because it’s just cheaper or easier to rip out and replace than to repair, even cosmetically, classic construction. Which is a shame, because the classic construction techniques were meant to last hundreds of years. That drywall will be gone in a couple of decades.

        I’m a homeowner, btw, and have paid for both plaster and drywall construction.

  • austindc

    I’m sold on the built-in urinals, and it’s important to specify that the urinal is built-in. I am so tired of fussing with stand-alone urinals. There’s just so much set up involved, and God help you if you accidentally stumble into it in the dark.

  • I have been in these, and they are amazing.

    In order to keep the feel of a schoolroom, and not breaking up the space; they made a ‘platform kitchen’, raised about 4 feet above the floor, with utilities, w/d, water heater, etc. all under the platform.

    The basement was interesting as well, with huge (10’x20′) radiators attached to the roof in some of the rooms. And then the owner/developers had done stunning work on the top floor for themselves, combining 4 schoolrooms together with odd attic spaces to make a unique space w/ roof deck.

    They opened the place for one of the Hill House tours a few years ago.

  • The description is obnoxious (“TRUE NY Style! Just like in the movies!”) but I’ve been in this building too and it’s really pretty awesome. The pool area is great, too.

  • Awesome! Now why can’t people get turned onto Kingman Park neighborhood at the other end of H. Street??

  • This company is a joke and this ad sums them up perfectly. After touring the gross annex apartment next door (separate building, same access to pool) I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there. If you take a tour with one of their slimy agents, be prepared to hear them mention the “38,000 gallon pool” at every opportunity. “Oh, and a certain celebrity chef lives here but I can’t tell you his name…ok, it’s Spike. Spike from Top Chef lives here”. Now I definitely don’t want to live here.

  • I rented from Evolve once…NEVER again. They have no idea what they are doing, my roof leaked for 6 months. Had to fight for everything and everything. its said they ruined such a beautiful building. I checked out one unit facing Maryland here and all I could smell was Checkers. No thanks.

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