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  • It seems like the place is really trying to look inviting to the neighbors.

  • too far away to care…

  • I’m pleased with the change.

  • Looks nicer. What kind of food do they serve?

  • I always wondered what kind of a place this was. There windowless facade and huge 100% id check sign made me think it was a gentleman’s club (already had the name going for it).

  • This is a bar/nightclub usually. There has been a lot of neighborhood pressure on the owner to cut down on the after hour shenanigans outside the place and focus the business more on serving the neighborhood. The guys runs a catering business and I have only been once for a neighborhood holiday event. The food was Dominican and pretty good. The new windows definitely make the place more inviting and hopefully they will start a regular dinner service.

  • I live around the corner, so I’ll have to check it out. And @TG: It took me nearly a year of living nearby to realize that it *wasn’t* a gentleman’s club.

  • i have lived up there for nearly 18 years and have NEVER set foot inside that place. entirely because the facade made the place look really really sketchy. now maybe i’ll check it our sometime…

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