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  • Agh!! Terrible!! That’s the patina – the light green oxidization that’s part of the art. Bronze or copper statues are supposed either (1) receive constant polishing to be bright like gold or (2) sit undisturbed to develop the patina as they age. That’s why the statue of liberty and every European equestrian statue are such a cool green today — they weren’t when first built.

    I always thought that buffing the patina off was a huge faux-pas, like taking a belt-sander to antique wooden furniture, or waiting 30 years for a scotch to come out of a barrel so you can filter out the flavor.

  • Park project complete? It looks like it’s time for the Occupiers to start destroying it! http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2011/03/mcpherson-square-2-0/

  • I don’t think they removed the patina, because if they did, it would have a bronze color. Maybe they treated it with something to protect it?

  • i too was bothered by this around dc: the dumbarton bridge, mclellan statue (yikes re: color)

    attached explains NPS current thinking:

    • That NPS article is pretty persuasive. I can do without the green. Now if they could just explain with the same analytical rigor why the grass where people regularly play team sports doesn’t need to be the high-traffic kind.

  • Losing the patina is bad, but gaining the sword is great.

  • This may not be the final product. I was there when they were “painting” it – maybe 2 weeks ago? – and talked to the woman in charge. She said they were going to restore the patina and this was part of a protective coating process. So I’m not sure where it is in the process. But I’m not crazy about this.

  • I am happy Joan has her sword back, but I wish she were gilded like her sister statue in Philadelphia – there Joan, her horse, the flag (no sword) – all of it is bright bright shiny gold. I think that would be quite a sight there at the top of the cascade, looking out over the city.

  • Shame they didn’t leave it in its oxidized glory. Paint needs to be maintained.

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