Java Green Still For Sale, Now Cafe Green May Be For Sale as Well

Back in mid-Nov. we saw that Java Green was for sale at 1020 19th St NW. At the time I wondered if it’s sister store – Cafe Green was also for sale 1513 17th St, NW. The new for sale notice still lists Java Green for sale at $599,000 and adds:

“2nd Possible Restaurant (w/Liquor License) May Be For Sale (1513 17th St)”

More when/if a buyer is found.

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  • I would love for a different restaurant to go here. This place doesn’t really suit my taste.

  • I went once a few years ago and had a bad experience with their slow/poor service. It took 1.5 hours for our food to come out. Our food was raw, so it’s not like it needed to be cooked. We ordered dessert, paid the bill (including dessert) but it never came. So we got up and left and they practically barracaded us in the restaurant so they could find the dessert and give it to us in a to-go container.

  • I went to try their raw pizza and it was not as flavorful as few other places I’ve tried and way overpriced.

  • good riddance!

  • This is sad… Java Green sells awesome sandwiches and Cafe Green has some really flavorful, healthy dishes. Service has improved greatly over the past couple years. I love DJ – he’s such a nice guy – but running a restaurant is tough work. Too bad DC will be losing a couple great alternatives to the standard meat-laden fare available elsewhere.

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