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  • I much prefer the lime green exterior. It definitely gives it a different feel than the “shit stain” brown that now adornes the new bar.

  • I think the green was probably a little bit too bright for my taste.

  • I prefer the more subdued brown to the bright lime-green, which would have probably aged badly.

  • That brown is fugly.
    The green was obnoxious, which was different, eye catching and sort of works for a crap bar like Irish Whiskey.
    It was better when it was called Porters.

  • Bummer. I thought the green was fun!

  • Phew. Think the brown, while not wonderful, is way better than that god awful green. With a name like Irish Whiskey, I think we get what kind of bar you are. You didn’t have to hit us over the head with a bright kelly green. This is a lot more tasteful imo.

    • Agreed. This shade of brown is kinda dark and depressing… but I didn’t really like the bright green, so this is an improvement.

  • Seems a little bland. I like some variety in my streetscape.

  • Allison

    They should have gone with white so they could still stand out next to the other brick in the area, and darkened the stain on the shutters and trim for contrast.

  • I hated that acid green, and while I still think almost any other color would be better, the muddy brown stretches that thought to it’s limit.

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