House (School) of the Day

Such a beautiful building which I believe now functions as a school. It’s on the 1300 block of Shepherd St, NW. Also has some easy to overlook awesomeness with this fence:

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  • This reminds me- I would love to know the story behind the Pierce School on G & Maryland NE. I heard that someone uses it as their home now (!?!?) and I love the metal flower sculptures and amazing roof deck/garden. Once I saw a bunch of formally dressed people go in, as if for a party. I speculate it’s the guy with the huge and adorable Great Dane and Doberman that I see frequently across the street but I’m not sure.

  • It was built in 1902 as a house for Frank W Hart, who was also listed as its designer and builder. It cost just $5,000 to build.

  • This school is directly behind my house. Adrian Fenty at one time had his kids going to this school. It must have recently undergone some upgrades because normally it looks pretty awful and I was always surprised people let there children go to school here. They should also consider cleaning up the back garbage area. Huge rat problem behind this house in the alley

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