Holy Cow – Cherry Blossoms Bloomings Dec. 22nd!?!?

Hard to tell from the photo but I believe it! A reader took the shot above on Connecticut Ave near the zoo. Today is also set for a balmy 52 degrees. Anyone else see trees blooming? Of course, this probably isn’t a good thing. Will this affect their normal spring blooms?

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  • I have a couple of bushes (don’t know what kind they are) in my backyard that have new buds or blooms on them. Very strange.

  • Climate change is real. When will the world stop pumping CO2 and HFCs into the atmosphere. Santa must do something soon!

    • Unfortunately, it’s this kind of dogmatic and ignorant comment that makes climate change science such an easy target for the tiny buy vocal minority of uninformed anti-climate change fanatics. One year of unusually temperate weather is just that. Or have you forgotten snowmageddon from 2 years back? Climate Change is real, but barking out uninformed sound bytes does not help the cause.

  • I have daffodils and tulips coming up…of course, they will be killed in 2-3 weeks when we drop below freezing again.

    • Your bulbs will be fine – this time of year you’ll see the leaves of bulbs growing. They’ll die back with a hard frost and then the flower stalks will come up in spring.

  • There are blossoms on a tree next to the gas station at 14 th and Euclid

  • I noticed a little cherry blossom tree blooming yesterday too!! at 15th and U. bizarre.

  • Haven’t seen cherry blossoms, but my mom was surprised by how many roses were blooming in my neighborhood when she visited last weekend.

  • My daffodils and tulips are starting to poke through the ground too.

  • Not too unusual… There are some varieties of autumn blooming cherry trees that will bloom into December if the weather is mild enough.

  • Anyone else notice Melancholia getting closer?

  • Before people get too wound up, I would like to point out that there is a variety of cherry tree that blooms in the falll. See the link below. http://www.gardenality.com/Plants/66/Trees/Autumn-Flowering-Cherry.html

  • tterrag

    There is a small tree with some pretty little pink blossoms at the Wyoming building on Colombia Road right before it runs into Connecticut Avenue.

  • The one at the BP Station (yes, really) on 14th and Euclid is in almost full bloom too.

  • The cherry blossom trees in our back yard have been flowering for nearly a month now. I’ve lived in this area 30+ years and I’ve never seen cherry trees blossoming in November/December.

    This summer was the warmest ever recorded, and this ‘winter’ has been abnormally warm. There is a very real chance that we might not even have a real winter this year. The forecast is for unseasonable warmth through at least Jan 1.

  • Quince bush on the park side of 800 Gallatin St NW has been putting out some blossoms over last few weeks. They are more usually out in mid-to-late spring.

  • We live next to these trees at the Zoo and they bloom frequently during winter/odd times–not the same variety as the sprring-blooming Mall ones.

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