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  • The drywall ceiling and downlights are way better than distorted suspended ceiling tiles and lay-in fluorescents…

  • Definite improvment. Looks good, but not sure what that green thing against the wall is alll about…


    (Now, please resume delivery to 1st and S ST NW. Please =)

  • Tons of people rave about this place but I’ve never been super impressed.

    I’ve tried many of their ma la style dishes, but the flavor seems bland and I don’t really enjoy my face going numb/tingling from the peppers.

    Maybe I’m ordering the wrong stuff. Anyone have a specific recommendation from the menu?

    • Anony,

      If you don’t like ma la, don’t go to a sichuan place. If your mouth isn’t numb, they’re not doing it right. Great Wall isn’t top of the line sichuan, but I think it’s the best you can do w/o going to nova.

      The double-cooked pork is solid, and no ma.

  • They should offer brown rice.

  • I’ve never eaten there.

    The reno looks good on the inside (from the pics), but they should lose the ghetto awning outside. Yuk.

  • austindc

    The renovation is nice, but I still doubt its ability to keep out Mongolian invaders.

  • The place looks much much better inside. My reccomendation would be to remove the awning and complete the transformation by making the store front more attractive.

  • Yea . . . can someone be sure to show the owners the sentiment about the awning. They’re a great addition to the neighborhood. I patronize them out of loyalty, but it’s a civic thing . . show respect back by making the streetscape more attractive.

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