Good Deal or Not? “washer/dryer in unit” edition (owner request)

This condo is located at 610 Irving St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Best condo value in fantastic location and super condition. This darling condo is a 1 bdrm plus large den. It is located in vibrant Columbia Heights neighborhood – convenient to shopping, dining, Metro! And, in a well-managed building with low condo fees. Recently renovated with chef’s kitchen with granite counters, hardwood floors, washer/dryer in unit g & more!”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

This 1 bed/1 den/1 bath condo is going for $289,000 ($210 monthly condo fee.)

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  • Columbia Heights? This is definitely Pleasant Plains.

  • I actually think this sounds like a good deal. The photos make it look like it’s in pretty good condition and it could be a cozy place for a first place to own. I don’t think the den is large, nor the bedroom, so I don’t like when people say these things when it’s not the case. (Maybe the pic doesn’t do it justice.) I also am not a fan when people say a chef’s kitchen: granite counters do not make a kitchen a chef’s kitchen. Had it not said that, I would have said it’s a really decent kitchen, given that you’re not trying to sell it as a super luxurious kitchen. I do think it’s unfortunate that the kitchen is right there when you enter into the apartment. That’s what it looks like to me from one of the photos. Not a fan of the bright blue walls but not a deal breaker – a little, quick coat of paint would fix that. I get it, it looks like it is done to separate the room and give definition. Not a bad thing, though I think personally I would choose a different color.

    Good luck with selling the place.

  • the living room is teeny tiny. but it does have a den which is nice. ughh carpet though.

  • Eeeehhh…I have to say I think it’s overpriced for the area. It’s not particularly close to the metro (those are long blocks to walk), and the place is tiny, just slightly over 700 sq feet, and I agree that having granite counters does not make a chef’s kitchen. The range is electric. Having said that, it looks like whoever re-did it probably paid too much in 2009 and wants to re-coup costs. Good luck!

  • This place is tiny. If it does go for asking, its a testament to how much of a premium people are willing to pay for turn key.

    An entire house that needs work would go for just a bit more in this area.

    I certainly think there are similar deals, so this isnt a one time chance. But its getting harder and harder to find any place to buy in the closer in neighborhoods for less than 300k.

  • Eeeh. Cool-looking building on the outside, but no character on the inside. But then again, a lot of people seem to like cookie-cutter condos. And as someone said before, eww carpet.

  • Dear owner,

    You are brave to submit yourself to the mob.

    Personally it isn’t for me, but I think you’ll get within 10% of asking (which is how selling a property normally works in places not called Washington DC).

    Best of luck.

  • First, you must be kidding if you really think you can buy a house in this neighborhood (even one that needs some work) for under 400k.

    And, 700sqft doesn’t seem all that tiny to me compared to other apartments in DC.

    Agreed that granite counter tops don’t equal a chef’s kitchen, but at least the write-up doesn’t have any spelling errors, which is saying something comparing to other listings.

    Overall, I think great deal for a couple looking for a first home, or as a rental property. Good luck to the sellers! (And, love the blue wall).

    • Not true. You would have been correct if you had said, there aren’t any that DON’T need work, but there are houses that do – here is one.

      Granted, it’s sort of an irrelevant comparison to this condo unless you can come up with the extra ~70k somewhere.

      • I was curious so I looked at the one you suggested on Redfin. The listing for 719 Harvard has been on the market for 91 days (~3 months) and says minor TLC. I think it needs more TLC than just minor. No pics of kitchen or bathroom – makes me wonder. The photos included make me think it’s not in that good shape. From the pics, it doesn’t appear to be in as good condition or updated as the one here. (My price gauge was that I’ve seen condos in the Dupont/Adams Morgan area that appeared to be comparable to this that are on the market for 100K more. I thought given the difference in location, that the asking price for 610 Irving seems pretty good.) The only way to be sure would be to see both in person. All of my comments are done via pic tours.

  • that’s an incredible price for a virtually two-bedroom condo near a TON of bus lines, a metro, and in perfect condition. the kitchen looks terrific – so many kitchens need ripping out and starting over, with their ugly cabinets and old appliances and countertops. i really like that the kitchen is open to the rest of the condo as well because it makes it lets the cook interact with the guests and it’s less formal of a space – besides, everyone congregates in the kitchen at parties anyway!

    it looks like there is some really nice light in the living room from all the windows, too.

    yeah, it’s not huge but in the city what is?! this size space is ideal for one person or a couple… or even someone with a small child, who could use the den as a bedroom.

  • Sure seems small. I’ll go with overpriced. The tax records say its a 625 sq ft, rather than the 710 listed. Based on the photos, I’m more inclined to accept the tax records figure. Hard to figure that it’s appreciated 50K in two years also.

  • I live in the neighborhood (Park View), so I’d like to see this do well… but I think it’s somewhat overpriced. The bedrooms are very small. Many of the windows look out onto a brick wall that’s close by. It’s 3.5 longish blocks to Columbia Heights Metro, and I’m not sure I’d want to be walking them at night.

    Even if it’s 710 square feet, that’s going to mean two smallish bedrooms. If it’s actually 625 feet, those two bedrooms are going to be very small indeed.

    The other feeling I get from the photos is that there’s not much existing storage space — note the chests of drawers, laundry basket, etc. in the master bedroom, and the freestanding cabinet next to the kitchen peninsula thing.

    The owner is certainly brave to submit himself/herself to the mob!

    • I have walked the blocks of Irving and surrounding blocks from 18th and Columbia to past this neighborhood into the 400 Block and did not have a problem. Comments like this really give this neighborhood a bad wrap but comparatively to 14th and Columbia/Irving we have a lot less crime when comparing petty theft.

      We just need to be vigilant and watch out for each other, if there is any suspicious activity just dial 911 and an officer will be on the scene in less than 5 minutes.

      Community engagement is key to helping kick out this type of crime from the neighborhood.

  • No storage space in the units is a problem with that building. But considering the rents we see for tiny places, buying one of these condos as a starter home makes sense. And the building was completely renovated so all new plumbing, electric, HVAC…not everyone can manage a house renovation.

  • I live a half block away on Irving and bought my place a year ago for about 10% less than that. Mine is a huge one br on 2 levels, 860 sq ft., 1 1/2 baths, all new construction, and has a parking space. Much lower condo fee too. So, I really, really hope this guy gets around asking! Who gives a crap about the actual neighborhood name???

    • yeah! who gives a crap about neighborhood names! After all – I love living here in Baltimore, it’s great to be in the capitol of Canada!

    • Did you buy one of the condos in the light blue house? Or one of the ones in the light colored brick house with the concrete front yard? I’ve been curious about both.

  • mtpgal

    This doesn’t seem like a good deal when you can get a nicer place of comparable size for $15k less in a better area.!lat=38.924099&listing_id=13978261&long=-77.03990199999998&market=dc&v=6&zoomLevel=17

    • That listing is a coop, which are notoriously difficult to get financing for. Also surprising that the fees are as low as they are… seems fishy. No wonder its been on the market so long.

  • Man! Real estate is a tough game in this town. I still think Kingman Park next to RFK is a great find..I got a 3 bedroom with an English Basement for under 400K… Go 1 block south it’s a so=so neighborhood, go 1 block north it’s pretty dang nice. I’m in the middle and it’s getting better

  • Arg! Another false advertisement by the realtor…this apartment building was built in 1909-1910, not 1921. It was designed by Nicholas T. Haller for William Gain.

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