Good Deal or Not? “STATE OF THE ART” edition

This condo is located at 1237 Kenyon St, NW:

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The flier says:


You can find more info here and photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $649,900 ($278 monthly condo fee.)

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  • Wow – seems overpriced! Weird photos to select for “showing off” this condo. Even with the low monthly condo fee, almost 650K seems high for what you get. It doesn’t look spacious at all and it’s so odd to include a ceiling fan as a pic!? If to only say the high ceiling but really it takes away from what you’re selling because I’m wondering why you didn’t take photos of the space overall to give a better feel of the layout of the place (I suspect because it’s really small). Don’t they say SS appliances but the kitchen has black appliances (that’s what it looks like in the photos, at least). It looks pretty ordinary (same as what you see in a lot of other places for sale) but the price listed is whacky for what you get. It looks in fine shape but nothing special.

  • Well… for that price… it is pretty darn ugly. The ground-level excavation ruins the whole effect of the building, the stone veneer looks like South Jersey, and the fake window grids belong on a colonial – not an Edwardian era townhouse. It might all sound petty – but at that price point, people are looking for a high-quality renovation. Not something that clearly had no architect involved, or at least one with no skill at rehabbing great old rowhouses with interesting architecture.

  • $650 for a condo!?! You can buy a whole house for that. A really nice house.

  • Seems about 100k overpriced. Nettie is right though…if you go about 3-4 blocks east you can buy a whole renovated house close to Petworth metro for a lot less than this. I know cause thats what I did this year once I realized I was totally priced out of Columbia Heights. Its amzing how prices can drop 100k for same house just a few blocks over.

    • Location, location, location.

    • +1
      the 5,6, and 700 blocks are starting to rise but it is an insane difference in price. The blocks are really nice and with Sherman getting the make over and the GA great streets project prices will catch up soon

  • I don’t even have to look at the pics to tell you this is so overpriced. I’m on the condo market right now and I’ve seen plenty of large 1 brs or even 2 brs for $200K less.

    • Any examples you want to share of spacious 2 bedrooms around $200k on nice blocks near Metro and plenty of restaurants, bars, etc?

      I agree this seems way too high, but 1200+ sq ft, lots of light, deck, parking included and above mentioned neighborhood amenities.

      • I’m not the poster you responded to originally but thought I’d offer my observation. Anonymous’s post said that they’ve seen 1br/2br for 200K less, which would make 1br/2br in the price range of 450K, not 200K. Also worth noting that I don’t think parking is included, unless I missed that somewhere.

        FWIW: I think stating that it’s a penthouse unit is really an exaggeration and as a selling point is ridiculous. It would make me question what else is being exaggerated. If it’s the top-floor unit, which technically you could say is penthouse (since that’s where penthouses are located), they are also notably defined by luxury amenities and there’s nothing luxurious about this apartment.

      • My condo, if i were to put it on the market would go for just over $400. Two bed/two bath and usable outdoor space on the 4th floor. Directly between U st and CH metros. I would not pay an extra $250k for a high ceiling in the bedroom, some stairs, and 4 less minutes of walking to the metro.

  • I do agree that this is overpriced for a CONDO, probably by at least $75k

  • christanel

    No way. Did anyone else take a look at the original list price? They had it for $399,900. Then in the same day upped it to $649,900. No idea what happened but they need to go back down.

    • Actually you made me look closer at this, so thanks for pointing this out. Something is really whacky about this one. There are 3 separate MRIS numbers, each of which was made active Dec 15, and it appears that each number remains active, so it’s not like they are listing and de-listing and re-listing with a new price. Incidentally, upon looking closely, you’ll see the listing at 399,900 lists the condo as 2br/1ba. Both of the other listings state the property as 2br/2ba. Something strange going on with this listing(s)…lots of flags.

      • Also meant to note that sq ft is listed as 705 (2br/1ba) in the MRIS listing asking 399,900; whereas, in the other 2 listings sq ft is cited as 1,248 (2br/2ba). Whatever and whereever all the errors are coming from, I don’t like the sloppiness. The errors could be honest mistakes, possibly, but there are too many not to notice that something is not right.

  • There are 3 units for sales. That is why you are seeing 3 different prices. This entire building was just renovated. Way over priced, but i am sure they will get close to asking for the units!!! Hey at least you can watch soccer from your living room windows

    • Hey, thanks for explaining this.

      I think it’s amusing that these 3 different condos are trying to be sold for over 500/sq ft, which I think is insane. One of the places is 588/sq ft. To give some perspective, the property recently posted on PoP (1514 Kingman Pl NW), which is listed for just over 1.3 million is going for 554/sq ft. There is no way these properties are in the same league! At least Kingman is one’s own place (they would own the entire property) as opposed to a slice of the property, plus there would be no absurd monthly fees that come with condo living.

  • This place is overpriced by at least 100k. The assessment is less than 480k. LOL. This place would never appraise for close to 649. The deck is nice though.

    And also the listing says granite counters and SS appliances. Those are black appliances and I would not be surprised if the counters were Corian or some other synthetic variety. If the listing agent is willing to lie about appliances then what else are they willing to lie about? I would approach with caution.

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