Good Deal or Not? “new bath w/ solar tubes” edition (owner request)

This home is located at 532 24th St, NE:

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The flier says:

“Presenting beautiful renovation Federal style row house brand new top to bottom amenities. Gourmet kitchen w/ granite countertops, H/W floors, stainless steel appliances. Second floor open layout includes two bedrooms and den perfect for a library/tv room, new bath w/ solar tubes. In-law suite basement, ample outdoor entertaining space and 1 car parking. Close to capitol hill, metro & restaurants”

You can find more info here and photos here.

The owner writes:

“Kingman Park is a sweet little neighborhood. Long time established, close to H. Street, Langston Hughes golf course, .07 miles to the blue/orange line, just 2 miles to the capitol building, 1/2 block to the eventual trolley; terrific long term neighborhood civic association (check them out on Wikipedia!)..Kingman Island Nature preserve; the dog walk that goes to congressional cemetery….”

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $399,000.

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  • What is solar tubes?

  • I like the tile in the bathroom, but I think the price sounds high for the neighborhood (although, I don’t know anything about the neighborhood, so it may be my ignorance).

    Regardless, they should have better lighting for the pictures.

  • What is the relevance of Eastern Market in the pic gallery?

  • I know nothing about prices around that area, the place looks nice though. I think I’d have to say its a bit high since its got the same tradeoffs as the Trinidad neighborhood, except its further out than Trinidad and the house is priced higher than what houses in Trinidad go for.

    Maybe places around this area go for this much, I just dont know – but my initial reaction is “too high”. It is really far east.

    • Similar houses are starting to go for this range in Trinidad. I’ve live there and have to say I was shocked earlier this year when I saw a house on my street go for 407,000

      This is a rather nice renovation, I wouldn’t pay 399 for it, at the same time I wouldn’t be surprised if they get close to asking. Might be 12 months too early for that price, but we’ll see.

  • i don’t know about the price, but i have heard nice things about kingman park. i like the tiling detail in the bathroom too.

    but on the distance to the metro, did you mean 0.7 miles and not 0.07?

  • Initial reaction is sour regarding the stretch that is made in the description “Close to Capitol Hill and METRO” huh, really? Just tired of the misrepresentation. Maybe close as opposed to Rockville. I wish the agent would take photos of the kitchen in the light as well.

    The house looks okay. I as other posters don’t know the neighborhood that well but taking what I see and placing it in a Petworth or Bloomingdale I might say it’s over-priced.

    • Actually Jim, I live nearby and its about a 10 minute walk to Stadium Armory metro stop (less than a mile). I guess it´s all realtive though.

      • Come on AteofDC, just Google mapped it b/c that seemed weird and it gave me a 1 mile 19-20 minute walk depending on the route. So sure, if you’re jogging a 10 minute mile but I don’t like to get all sweaty before work! ….Though you might want to run to the metro after dark in that area

  • I recently looked at several renovated homes within blocks of the home mentioned. This list price falls in line with the other renovated homes that I viewed in that area.

  • Unfortunately, the photos are so focused on detail (close-up of the microwave, radiator, and bannister post, for example) that it’s hard to get a feel for the layout and the space. How big are the rooms? Is that a deep kitchen? Open floor plan in the front? From what I could see, it’s a nice renovation but I don’t think the area is as close to the cool places as it seems to say. Sure, close to H St. NE, but what part of H St. NE?

    • I agree re. the photos — hard to get a sense of what the place actually looks like.

    • took the words right out of my mouth.

    • I live on the same block and go out frequently on H st. It’s a five minute drive, 15-minute walk, or you can catch the X2 that runs everhy ten minutes or so, and get there in 5-7 minutes. It’s quite close; when I lived on Capitol Hill proper, I would take longer walks to get from Mass Ave in NE to restaurants on 8th st in SE.

  • Really nice house for the price. Wife and I toured this one a few weeks ago. Quiet street, good size bedrooms. the kitchen is gorgeous, original hardwood floors on the main.

  • Langston Hughes is awesome, but the nearby golf course is not named for him. “The Langston Golf Course, named after John Mercer Langston, a Virginia congressman and Howard University Law School dean, opened in 1939.”

  • Fabulous – can’t believe that it wont be snapped up before Christmas.

  • Appears to be a nice renovation but is way overpriced for the location and square footage. Also note that they only paid $160,000 for the place at the end of 2010.

    • The market value of a property based on it’s condition, location, and exact time coming on market HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT WAS PAID FOR IT PREVIOUSLY.

      • Ya, but interesting it was well less than half that one year ago

        • Sounds like it would be a family sale

        • That’s what they paid for an old, unrenovated house. The trend for the past year in Kingman Park has been for investors to snap up older houses for $150-$200K, spend a few months renovating, and then resell. There have been a few houses flipped in this manner that have been selling in the high $300’s, close to $400K. The neighborhood is very comfortable and quiet; felt more safe buying here than some other areas including Trinidad.

  • $399 isn’t *that* high a beautiful renovation like that. If they priced it at $350 it would be gone within a month.

    These pictures look like the items on, where they only let you see 1/4 of the item at a time and never give you a good overview. The realtor should definatly fix that.

    As far as the distance to the metro goes, I live a block away from this house and it takes me 15 minutes to walk to Stadium/Armory.

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