Good Deal or Not? “goldfish pool-pond” edition

This home is located at 1772 T St, NW:

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The flier says:

“How rare is it to find a townhome in Dupont Circle proper for less than $700K? Open floor plan on main level with gorgeous wood floors & brand spanking new kitch. 2nd level has two generous BR’s, full bath that leads to a deck walkway to the deck over the garage where there’s a hot tub. Yes, there is a detached garage. Rear yard is bricked, and has a goldfish pool-pond”

You can find more info here (soon more info here) and photos here.

What do you think about the spiral staircase? This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $694,900.

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  • How do you get furniture upstairs? Is there a regular staircase somewhere?

    • Ah! I registered for the new PoP just so I could ask this question! In all seriousness, there really can’t be another staircase hidden somewhere, so how would you get, say, a queen bed upstairs?

      • I saw this property at an open house yesterday. There is a raised walkway off the upstairs bathroom (yes, you can go outside from the bathroom) that leads to a deck with fencing which was built on top of the garage. The fence has double doors that face the alley. So essentially you have to hoist your furniture up to the deck, take it across the raised walkway, through the bathroom, and into one of the two bedrooms.

        • Anonymous, what were the two bedrooms like? Did there seem to be an obvious reason why they didn’t appear in the photoshow?

    • In my tiny row house we have to get the furniture onto the porch roof, take out the windows (they are designed to do this), and then bring it through the window opening. Can get a queen mattress through there.

  • 17 pictures of the outside and not one picture of either bedroom? VERY suspicious.

  • At first, I was going to ask what’s wrong with it if it is under 700K in Dupont. However, while it’s one’s own space (as opposed to coop or condo) and has other amenities that you probably wouldn’t find in a coop or condo, it’s still a 2 bed/1.5 bath. Given those specs, plus a few more add-ons (garage, deck), the asking price seems a little high for what you get, although I know people will say it’s Dupont. The kitchen is tiny and it would bug me that the dishwasher door when open would block the fridge. Also, why are there no pics of the bedrooms or bathrooms? I suspect there’s a lot more behind this property than just the below 700K asking price and the Dupont name.

  • Tiny spiral staircases like that freak me out; I would always be worried about falling.

    $695K for two bedrooms and parking in Dupont sounds like a good deal… but like others, I’m wondering why there are no photos of the bedrooms or bathrooms. There are precious few pics of the interior in general; I’m a little suspicious of the presence of so many outdoor pics.

    The real estate agent needs a stern talking-to for allowing the listing to be posted with such dark, discouraging-looking photos. Taking photos at night — come on, what was he/she thinking??

    As for getting furniture upstairs… if the opening at the top of the staircase is wide (i.e., not just the circumference of the staircase), movers might be able to hoist things up through that gap. But I bet it would be challenging and time-consuming, if even possible.

  • and check out the awesome front lawn!

  • The spiral staircase would be a deal breaker for me. I understand they were probably trying to create more space downstairs by taking out the stairs and walls. Doesn’t work, IMO. I have a friend who lives in the house next door (or two down) with the same layout, but in reverse, and it’s definitely adequate. In her house, there is a bedroom along the front, bathroom in the hall in the middle and bedroom in the back.

    GREAT location, just steps from Lauriol Plaza and Larry’s Lounge!

    • “just steps from Lauriol Plaza…”

      Actually, it’s pretty much in your backyard. Imagine having a thousand birds chirping violently for hours on end in a tree on your property. That’s what living beside Lauriol Plaza is like.

      • I saw the house in an open house as well! The two bedrooms is a little misleading. It is one decently sized bedroom, with a cut out into a second bedroom. So its almost like a master bedroom, with a sitting area attached rather than an entire second bedroom. To make it a real guest bedroom, you would have to cover the large cut out in the wall.

        I also want to note that the shower is in a separate, although close, room to the toilet and sink.

      • I live on this block, actually, and the noise from Lauriel Plaza isn’t actually that bad, especially if you keep your front windows closed.

      • I think the low price is due to the proximity to Lauriol Plaza and the absolutely horrendous yards (seriously…that fish pond looks like the habitat for the creature for the black lagoon).

        Maybe Lauriol is something that the neighbors can simply get used to, but having my ‘hood invaded every night by screeching hoardes of suburbanites in SUVs would not be my idea of peace and quiet.

  • Land value only, depending on lot size.

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