Good Deal or Not? “bathrooms are brand new and really shine” edition

This home is located at 2237 12th St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Gorgeous renovation. Large, open kitchen with granite, stainless steel appliances, new cabinets and new tile floor. Beautiful wood floors throughout. Large master bedroom. Both bathrooms are brand new and really shine. Wonderful patio with brick accents and parking for 2 cars. Very quiet street in a great neighborhood.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

$599,900 sound right for this 3 bed/1.5 bath?

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  • Both bathrooms are brand new and really shine despite the incredbily cheap products used.

    There, I fixed it.

  • Bummer. No basement for mechanical or washer/dryer. Lots of bulkheads and $600K. I doubt that fireplace has been retrofitted to work either.

  • The washer/dryer is placed sorta odd. Like an after thought. Bedrooms look like they have a lot of weird angles.

  • Seems like a really awful and lazy remodel.

    1. Why on earth is the washer and dryer in the kitchen? For real, you just remodeled the entire house! Put it somewhere that makes sense, like a closet on the second floor. Or at least enclose it in the kitchen with cabinets.

    2. Remove the chain link fence. How much could that possibly cost to do? There must have been a dumster there at some point. $200 in extra labor? Was the developer really that cheap? What else did the skimp out on?

    3. Was it really necessary to pour concrete over the entire backyard? Green space is HUGE for buyers.

    I know I’m being harsh but this is one of the worst remodels I’ve seen in a long time. No wonder it’s been on the market for 81 days already.

  • Not a good deal. Even with the price reduction of about 25K (originally almost 625K), I don’t think it’s a good deal. There’s nothing special about it that really captivates me, unfortunately. I hate the washer/dryer in the kitchen area – ugh! That is awful. The kitchen is fine but nothing truly spectacular. Decent amount of counter space and probably cabinet space for most people. Really? The bathrooms really shine edition? Please don’t highlight something that is not that spectacular. Only pics for 1 of the bathrooms on display. Odd shape for living room and I think the master bedroom is right above, so make that 2 odd shape rooms. Not that that is horribly bad but for the purpose of decorating/interior designing those rooms, it can be a little bit of a challenge (think placement of bed, area rugs, etc.). They show pic of master bedroom over and over (not sure if it’s 3 separate bedrooms that they are calling master bedroom each time or if it’s just a pic of the same bedroom). Pet peeve of mine in real estate: 3 or more bedrooms and 1 or 1.5 bathrooms. Now that makes little sense to me to have 3 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom. Really imbalanced and impractical. While the outside space is fine, I wish they landscaped and divided the big space with seated area and then left part for parking space. Just throwing down a slab of cement in order to call it patio with parking for 2 cars and call it a day is a cop out. If you want to say patio, landscape it and design an area for a true patio. Then, somehow make and mark space for parking but don’t throw it all together in rolled out concrete and call it patio/parking area. That’s just laziness. All in all, I still think the price is high, which isn’t to say that it won’t get near to its lowered asking price, but I see why it’s been on the market for almost 3 months instead of being snapped up.

  • Given all the harsh comments I was expecting much worse. The rooms do have some odd angles, and the finishes look cheap, but I still think this is a good price for the location. The washer/dryer in the kitchen stands out a little, but is it really that awful? Once you’ve moved all your stuff in it’ll be less noticeable. I’d rather have it there than sacrifice my bedroom closet.

    Really, 1 full bath in a 3-bedroom house is impractical? I have this arrangement and it’s never caused problems.

    The backyard is concrete so you can park cars there (in this neighborhood off-street parking is a must). Also, it’s impossible to grow grass in most of these rowhouse backyards, so this is a practical solution– add some rasied beds and potted plants and it’ll look fine.

    I do agree that the chain link fence HAS to go!

    • Hey, did anyone notice the chain link is replaced with a less offensive fence in the picture above? The sellers must have upgraded it at some point while it was on the market.

    • Yeah, I think the criticism here is overly severe. Sure, the builders used cheap finished (with things like the lights), and the placement of the washer/dryer does look a bit awkward… but a 3-bedroom house with parking in that neighborhood for $600K seems like a good deal.

      And although the finishes might be cheap, they have the saving grace of being plain — no super-busy tile patterns, etc.

      Having the one full bathroom upstairs to serve 3 bedrooms is not ideal, but is workable. Probably better if the house is occupied by a couple or a single person with a roommate… I could see a couple and a kid maybe getting by with sharing one full bath, but if it were a couple and two kids they’d probably want two full baths.

      The half-bath on the main floor is very handy. I believe most rowhouses from this time period _didn’t_ have any sort of bathroom on the main floor, and for 21st-century occupants that can be a bit of a hassle.

    • You cannot park a car in the back. That alley is not wide enough. I live in the area and the row houses on 12st between W and FL all do not have parking in the back. There was no reason for the concrete in the back yard.

  • Re: chain-link fence

    I don’t think they have the option or removing the chain-link fences on either side; each appears to belong to the neighbor’s property.

  • Ditto on most of these. I, too, thought the laundry in the kitchen looked ugly. Then I remembered that that’s how it is in my house too! I do have plans to move said set to the basement once the plumbing is reconfigured.

    Also, that dining room looks small and dark. I’m not sure if the layout of the house and the angles are odd or if the REALLY WIDE LENS of the photographer created the illusion.

  • The harsh comments are critiques on the remodel itself. They may or may not be justified, but the fact is that for the location, this isn’t a bad price. It may not be a great deal, but I don’t think it’s bad for something in the U Street corridor.

  • The chain link fence looks like it is on the property line, this means you need the permission of neighbors to remove or do anything with it. My neighbor was great and was happy we put in a new fence (in the back) and gave us permission to remove the chain link fence and tree stump with a smile.

    What bothers me about the kitchen is the placement of the fridge. Placed where it is the light from the back door is blocked. The should have placed it in the back corner by the door, the area there is plenty deep, and they could have made the opening to the kitchen much birghter and open.

    For the purchasers: there is a program in the city (forgot the name, but my neighbor did it) that will give you $1,000 to help make your backyard more green. This would include taking out the concrete and putting in more enviro friendly pavers or something (grass or even pebbles in the back area.

    But, what do you expect from flippers. They don’t think thins through, and don’t know what ppl want.

    • Hi! I actually ended up purchasing this house. As an FYI – the washer/dryer is no longer in the kitchen, the bathrooms have been upgraded and a pantry has been put in. However, the concrete in the back remains. Can you ask your neighbor the specific name of who he or she used to get the $1000 environmental credit? I would really appreciate it!

      • I think they must have used the RiverSmart Home program.

        By the way, don’t let all the negative comments on here get you down. We looked at this house and thought it was cute (admittedly they did fix somethings compared to the photos). The POPville jury never seems to think anyplace is a good deal. Good luck!

  • I don’t think any of these comments are harsh…it’s a cheap “builder’s quality” remodel. The developer is trying to flip it for a $300K+ profit, since it sold in August for $300K.

    The comments are frank and point out all of the shortcomings. You can’t make (and charge for) a silk purse from a sow’s ear…..

    • I wouldn’t exactly say they are going to make $300k+ profit…just the realtor fees alone eat away $30K @ 5%.

      Not to mention the actual cost of the remodel. Still agree that it is not one of the better flips I’ve seen.

  • I love, love, love my concrete pad. No basement leaks. Fewer mosquitoes. No mud. Easy to keep clean. It’s awesome.

  • christanel

    The rooms are so oddly shaped. Living room/bay room area and kitchen are all awkward. Washer/dryer combo was an afterthought: 1) it’s in the kitchen and 2) the least they could have done is put it in a closet in the kitchen.

  • Oy. It’s not that it is such a bad remodel–but for the money–checks will be flying out of your checkbook to fix the things that the “Low Ball Lou” contractor did. Trust me. I bought one of these because of its beautiful location and the quality of the house/neighborhood (which is higher), but still, think about laying down close to $600K and still: a. moving the washer and dryer out of the kitchen, making a garden or doing something with the concrete “yard’, replacing the cheap fixtures, fixing issues with the layout, and addressing issues which they glossed over (paint, repointing,etc.)

    Like I said, I am living this drill now–and I wish I had been able to negotiate the price down $50K lower–live and learn. 🙂

  • I’ve called and emailed the agent, Gregory Allen, several times and am extremely interested. He has not responded to a single email and, after multiple phone calls, he finally had an assistant call me. She told me she lives in Reaton and didn’t feel like driving out to DC to show the property. I feel badly for the owner…. no wonder they keep having to lower their price.

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