Formerly Angry Inch, Formerly True Story, Formerly Morgan’s, Formerly Draft Pix, Formerly Leaky Faucet Now, and I kid you not, McNasty’s

Is this a joke? Seriously?

Leaky Faucet opened up back in May 2010. McNasty’s is located at 2450 18th St, NW in Adams Morgan.

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  • Formerly Las Rocas and something else before that in the ’80s.

  • omg this is so unfair to the proprietors who are just trying to run their small business surely they deserve more respect than mockery at their expense

    • Not sure if serious or not but…

      they kind of opened themselves up to that mockery.

    • yeah, no. when you do something in the public sphere you are open to public comment. stuff like this makes my city look stupid; I’m definitely allowed to hate.

  • It was also Guantanamera for about 10 minutes in the early 2000s.

  • At least this time, the name is accurate …

    I still can’t understand why H Street can have a zillion interesting, high-concept, diverse places with a wide variety of food, creative decor, and great atmosphere, while Adams Morgan continually recycles generic bars and restaurants with awful food, terrible decor, dumb names, and played-out concepts. It’s just weird.

    • It’s because the bars and restaurants on 18th Street entered into voluntary agreements with the ANC to recycle awful food, terrible decor, dumb names, and played-out concepts.

    • I think its because between the college idiots and eveyone else that goes to AMO on a friday/saturday night who are willing to spend a ton of money on shitty beer, these bars are making plenty of money and have no financial incentive to “class up” or become more original.

    • H St is just better, that’s all. Yeah, I said it.

    • college kids don’t care

    • H St is newer, not better. Most H St bars are tiny tiny spaces compared to Adams Morgan bars (except, funnily, this crazy place). H St didn’t exist as a going out area 10 years ago…. we’ll see how many crazy college-age kids start creating bedlam craziness on H St when the street cars go in and more cabs will take you there. (Read: 2045)

      But one of the biggest reasons is money. The rent in Adams Morgan is OUTRAGEOUS. H St is a pittance for rent in comparison. So you can start a bar/restaurant on H St that you could not open today in Adams Morgan… because you are not shelling out 3-5k a month in rent for that H St location.

  • I’m convinced this place is only here to make all the other bars in the area look more appealing.

  • Whoa! I look a lot like Mr. McNasty! But I’m not Irish, and I trim my nails.

    • And while I’m at it,

      PoP, I don’t understand the logic behind your new logo — the orangish piece of fabric with the thread work around the edge. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I’m confused by how that fabric square relates to the picture of the homes behind it.

      • austindc

        Okay, maybe it’s like our neighborhoods are like a patchwork quilt, and each piece provides its own unique color and pattern to make a beautiful, cozy whole! Right? Maybe?

        Or maybe it’s like punk rock to sew patches on things, and we’re going for that vibe?

        Or maybe there is actually a hole in the picture, and this was a quick patch to keep the draft out?

        • It’s the color of spicy mustard, which may be a clue.

          • Aha! I see what you’re getting at, and you’re right. It is spicy mustard. Like a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly, he is making the inevitable move to become the Prince of Pretzels.

  • This is the worst bar I have ever been to in the city, hands down.

  • I always loved The Angry Inch in my younger years, and on occasion have been known to go back to the bar, despite it’s newest terrible name to relive some college nights, but that joker-clown is enough to keep me away.

  • word is that abra already busted them for underage drinking. wonder how long they last…

  • Awful. Just awful. But I guess you could give them credit for harboring certain types of douchebags who might otherwise detract from your experience at nicer bars.

    • What would you be doing in AdMo if you wanted to go to a nice bar?

      • Dental_FlossTycoon

        I don’t know, possibly going to the Blaguard, Jack Rose, Bourbon, Bedrock Billiards, Napolean, MiG Bar, Grand Central or the new Toledo Lounge?

        • if you’d stopped before Grand Central and Toledo.. I woulda agreed with you 🙂

          And.. just because I still like it: the awesomeness and ugliness that is Dan’s Cafe.

  • Why would anyone in their right mind order food or drinks from a place called McNasty’s… Someone needs to go back to marketing 101.

  • Woah… that leprechaun does not look very welcoming! I would much rather go to an Irish Bar with a more loveable mascot- say the leprechaun from Irish Kevin’s in Key West. Now there’s a place I could frequent… well actually, any bar in Key West will do.

    Side note: Reminds me of “Filthy McNasty” by Horace Silver which is a great composition:

    • I thought the same thing! (RE: Filthy McNasty)

      Perhaps it’s an upscale martini and jazz club….sorry, I can’t even keep a straight face as I type that.

  • This bar is bad for America no matter what it’s called.

  • austindc

    Sounds like a . . . sexy hamburger.

  • BTW That’s an entirely unoriginal name for a bar. In addition to the Horace Silver song of that name, Filthy McNasty’s was a notorious dive bar on the Sunset Strip in the 60s thru 80s, know mostly as a biker hangout with its owner’s namesake of “Filthy McNasty” (don’t know his real name, but he was a Euro transplant). I read the Evel Kneivel biography precisely to know this sort of useless trivia to share with the PoP audience. Your welcome

    • About 10 years ago there was a Filthy McNasty’s in the Lower East Side, around the corner from Mercury Lounge. Total dive that didn’t last long, and the location has gone through at least three name/establishment changes since then. Sounds like the AdMo version is doing a great job at keeping with tradition.

  • Agreed, terrible choice of name.

  • what is up with this space, I am so over 18th street.

  • Id rather go to Shadynasty’s any day.

  • I know a lady that grew up in that house and is now in her 80’s. I drove her by there a few years ago and she cried. I think if she saw this she would have a heart attack.

  • It looks like an Insane Clown Possie-themed bar.


  • There goes the neighborhood 🙂

  • Let’s not forget Noa-Noa and the tunnel under the alley to the basement of El Rincon.

  • Oddly enough, the McNasty’s is what I get the day after drinking cheap beer in bars in Adams Morgan.

  • from what I know this has mostly been owned by the same people through all the name changes which have occured for the reason of tax avoidance. So its the same bar as every other time u have been there

  • So many haters. What’s wrong with a bar trying to market to drunk college kids? They are going to be in Adams Morgan anyways. Just because it doesn’t fit your standards for a bar doesn’t mean you should act like this name is such a terrible thing for the area.

    Having said that, I anticipate a new name before 2013.

    • Not all college aged kids are douchebag, frat boy-type, tasteless rubes who would want to go to a shit bar called McNasty’s with a raging cliche as it’s signage. The place is so lame it f-cking hurts, it’s not as if this is just how you market to “college kids.”

      I thank the bar gods that this place was opened however, anyone who goes in there is best kept out of every other bar in town.

  • Oh Lawd!! I am going to go there and see if they t-shirts to buy before they close down this week. Funny as hell!

  • Decades ago, i remember seeing a Mexican restaurant there.

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