Folks Don’t Wanna Get Jerked? Bistro 18 Returns to Adams Morgan

Back in early October, Bistro 18 became a Jamaican Jerk Chicken spot (with the dubious slogan, “Wanna Get Jerked”) called Jamaican Joe’s at 2420 18th Street NW. Last weekend the signage was removed revealing the old Bistro 18 signs. I’m not sure if Bistro 18 will actually reopen or someone else will move in but I’ll keep my eyes on the space.

It seems 18th Street is having a bit of an identity crisis with next door neighbor Slaviya recently becoming ‘A Taste of New Orleans’ before returning to Slaviya again. Not to mention the space that is now McNasty’s…for now.

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  • those spaces have so much potential. too bad 18th st is a societal dumpster.

  • I don’t understand. Some nights I see Slaviya open, sometimes I see it closed. What gives?

  • just walked by “Bistro 18/Jamaican Joes/Bistro 18” and saw signs taped to the windows saying they will be re-opening this Thursday night (Dec. 22). There was also some obligatory language about remodeling/refurbishment/etc. Not holding my breath, that’s for sure.

  • I liked the Jamaican place, a place in that location really needs to execute a cool concept and be a bar to survive. I have wished for a western saloon or a speak easy or something. Either way it needs to be done all the way and not half assed like Bistro 18.

  • Saw that slogan about “Getting Jerked”… they must have hired the same marketing crew as McNasty’s… I went to my favorite Indian Food spot Jyoti (across the street) and called it a night.

  • lease/sub-lease negotiations issues?

  • Has Bistro 18 re-opened but now incorporating Jamaican fare and hookahs?

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