Fleurir Chocolates in Food & Wine Magazine – Find Out How Much it Costs to Open a Chocolate Shop?

Photo via Fleurir Chocolates

Fleurir Chocolates located at 3235 P St, NW is in this month’s Food & Wine magazine (Jan. ’12.) There’s a brief article titled, “Chocolate Case Study” that shows how much it costs to open a Chocolate boutique in Georgetown. I was surprised to learn monthly rent and utilities was “only” $2,775 per month.

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  • Here is the link to the article: http://www.foodandwine.com/articles/trendspotting-start-your-own-business#chocolate

    The rent will only stay that way until the end of their lease, then its bound to increase significantly. Thus is the curse of operating a business in DC.

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      I’m no expert in commercial real estate but I bet this is right on the mark. I guess part of the small business plan in DC should include a “race against time” clause – and pray the heck that your business will skyrocket in the initial lease time so that you can afford the jacked up rent increase when the time comes.

      • First of all, standard commercial retail leases are anywhere from 2-10 years in duration, with percentage increases identified along the way so you know in year one what you will be paying in year 10. If you weren’t smart enough to read the lease prior, or structure it as such then you have no one to blame but yourself.

        Secondly, in a nation of extrdinarily high unemployment, depressed economic output and depressed spending, the fact that our town has such a robust economic reality is a great thing, not a curse.

        If that economic blessing bothers you, may I suggest moving to Detroit.

        • Joker,

          Why all the hate and hostility? What in my comment warranted that? Why would you think I am opposed to a robust economy? As neighborhoods get popular or trendy, they get expensive, right? How often do we see posts where XX closed and maybe XX will re-open in a cheaper part of the city (and maybe not). All I am saying is that part of a smart business plan is to hopefully work in rent increases AND that the business will be successful enough when the time comes to sign or renew the lease to keep up with the rent increases, especially if an area is part of a robust economy.

  • saf

    Hit the Downtown Holiday Market or Eastern Market for cool local stuff.

    Or go museum shopping – the Building Museum, the National Gallery, the Hischorn, American History, the Library of Congress, and Air and Space, among many others, all have great stuff.

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