Easy to Overlook Awesomeness Vol. 81: GPO Lights

I don’t like them as much as the awesome lights from the Cleveland Park bridge. But they’re still pretty sweet. Anyone know if they work? The building is at North Capitol and H St, NW.

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  • I am so glad someone else as well has caught on to the incredible, incredible GPO building. This place has a history that is amazingly “washington”. It has it’s own brickyard back there…is absolutely ENORMOUS, has some of the coolest design elements from the last 150 years. It has a family employment history that revels the National Forest service (families go in and then go on and on and on..multi generational.) It is a reach anchor through the years of Swamp Poodle. Thank you whoever for posting!

  • Is this building still occupied by the GPO?

  • The architect of the G.P.O. building (these lights are on the matching later addition next door) is James G. Hill, who also designed the Auditors Building at 14th and Independence, the bank at 7th/Penn/Indiana, the Marriott at 9th and F, the Atlantic Building (former downtown home of the 9:30 Club), The Mendota and The Ontario co-op apartment buildings, St. Margaret’s Church in Dupont… Many gorgeous buildings by Hill around town.

  • The inside of the building is pretty amazing too.

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