Don’t Walk. Wait. Why Not? Ohhhh, Now I Get It.

I stared at these don’t walk signs on the 1300 block of Q St, NW for like 5 minutes before I got it. First one to explain why they’re there gets a PoP t-shirt.

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  • I guess they’re there to try to keep people from jaywalking across the middle of Q street to get to Kingman Place.

    • My guess too (but reverse the streets since the signs are facing Kingman). Seems odd to me anyway.

      • It’s a one way street on Q turning onto a one way street on Kingman. Without a stop sign, cars have a right of way and don’t have to slow down, making it’s dangerous for pedestrians.

        • Sorry. I looked at the map wrong. Its a two way street on Kingman intersecting with a one way street on Q. The intersection only has a one way stop from Kingman, so the cars from Q do not need to slow down. There are actually 2 don’t walk signs, one for each side of the sidewalk on Kingman. They imply that it’s dangerous to cross against the one-way street.

    • Yeh probably kingman place jaywalking. There’s another sign that has to point out bikes on left, parking on the right on this street – so this must be one of those places where the obvious needs to be stated.

      However, it could also mean no walking your humans without a leash. I’ve seen similar ones like it but for dogs.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I gotta call MK the winner here. Please email me directly for your shirt!

  • walking down a one-way street could be potentially dangerous.

  • don’t walk on the grass?

  • Derr. They are No Moonwalking signs left over from the ’80s. Moonwalking was a huge fad in DC and led to several serious injuries, and needless to say, lawsuits agains the city for not doing anything about it.

  • T

    The signs are for people walking north at Kingman Place onto Q. Normally, you would expect there to be a crosswalk there, but since Kingman T’s into Q there is no crosswalk. So, the signs are to warn pedestrians that there is no crosswalk and that cars won’t be stopping.

    In short, the signs are there because somebody got hit there, not realizing it wasn’t a crosswalk and either sued the city or complained to the right people.

    • The DCUSA “I’ll walk wherever I want to walk how dare you look out for my well-being?” girl, I’m guessing.

    • Actually, according to DC law (and laws in most other states too), there is a legal crosswalk anyplace two streets intersect. If you imagine the sidewalks continuing over the street, that is considered a legal but unmarked crosswalk (unmarked meaning no painted lines). So when DDOT put up the no pedestrian signs, they are prohibiting crossing the street at what would have otherwise been a legal unmarked crosswalk.

  • don’t walk in the wrong direction on a one way street?

  • The signs are there because of DDOT’s obsessive-compulsive drive (no pun intended) to ridiculously over-control every possible aspect of every possible movement of a bicycle, car, pedestrian, or squirrel in ways unimaginable to rational traffic engineers. Cases in point: “No turn on red” signs at corners with no visibility obstructions and near-zero pedestrian traffic? Check. Traffic signals that remain on lengthy cycles all day and night rather than switching to flash mode during low-traffic hours? Check. Traffic circles proliferating with traffic-snarling red lights rather than signal-free for proper throughput? Check.

    And now: Signs to prohibit crossing a street the use of which is already suppressed by a glacially slow speed limit? Check.

  • No walking on the street

  • ah

    So they can arrest hookers?

  • Because there is no stop sign on Q st, so they dont want you to cross Q from kingman…also no crosswalks there either…

  • McDonalds headquarters. They own all the way to the curb and have taken a strong anti-exercise stance as of late. Don’t you dare run between those signs either or they will sick the Hamburgler on you.

  • No Aerosmith Fans! (Don’t Walk This Way.)

  • technically it’s a “No Strutting” sign

  • Pedestrians prohibited?

  • Sink holes on the sidewalks?

  • No pictograms. And god knows that area has a history of pictograms.

  • It’s a don’t walk on the grass sign?

  • It’s no standing. Instead of no parking, no standing.

  • wonderful…more sign clutter for our streets….

  • No walking on grass?

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