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  • That’s the Peace Rose, 1945.

    It’s not unusual for this hybrid tea rose to still be in bloom in December.

    I’ve had one for years here on Champlain, and it’s in bloom right now.

  • Beautiful flower, and great pic!

  • orderedchaos

    Great photo! This weekend we finally cut back our roses for winter (and I have the thorn-scratches on my hands to prove it), even though a few blooms remained.

  • anon. gardener

    Cutting roses back encourages them to bloom. It’s better to do your last cutting in September or October, and then leave them to go dormant for the winter. Although, if you do this every year, and your roses don’t mind…. they are pretty tough plants.

    My miniature roses are still covered in flowers, and my David Austins have a couple of flowers still hanging on and smelling fabulous. Worth every thorn and scratch!

  • anon. gardener

    yes, i think if i was behind schedule at this point, i would wait until spring. Unless your roses are still 6 feet tall, and you’re worried about ice or snow load breaking them and causing serious damage. Then i’d just cut the little twiggy stuff off to prevent that.

    the worst that will happen – besides what i mentioned above – is that the top part of the plant will get killed by the cold, and you’ll have to prune it off in the spring, which you were going to do anyway. 🙂

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