Dear PoPville – What’s Up with Winner Co. Grocery in Shaw?

Dear PoPville,

A question that has been nagging at me: there is what appears to be an Asian grocery 1332 9th St, between N & O, called “Winner Co.” I imagine you’re familiar with it, but a view is here. Over the past six months, I’ve tried to stop in three or four times, but every time (after trying to buzz in — per the instruction found here), I’ve been told that they they are closed. I’ve tried middle of the day on weekends, around 6.30 pm on weekdays, and the result has been the same. Is this actually a store? A wholesaler? A front?

I went in a few months ago and didn’t really find anything to my taste. But it def. had items for sale – like dried fish and a variety of sundries. There was a very elderly couple in the store. Anyone know if they’ve closed?

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  • I’m thinking you are right on all 3 counts: It’s a “wholesaler store front”.

  • So, I had an interesting experience here.

    I had decided to try to go to Winner & Co. after passing the store many times (I live near 9th and R). I was out of sesame and chili oil one Saturday morning and decided around noon to see if I could go there and get some.

    I have never seen anyone come in or out of the building as a customer, but I had seen trucks out front dropping off boxes. I assumed that they would be open at noon on the weekend.

    I tried to open the door and it was locked. After pulling on the door for a few seconds, an elderly Chinese woman came out and looked at me. After some silence, I said that I was looking to look at their store and wondered if they were open. She stared at me for a few seconds and then said “Are you Chinese or Korean?” A little shocked, I said that I was Korean. She nodded and then said “We have nothing for you here” and then turned around and walked away.

    Needless to say, I ended up going to Whole Foods for my sesame and chili oil needs. I was a bit startled to say the least, but I don’t think I misheard what she said. I’m not offended, but I wouldn’t try to shop there. Especially if you’re Korean.

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