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  • Discount Appliance Repair – they fixed my fridge, dishwasher and oven – so I can only expect that they are good at washer/dryers.

    Don’t go with Sears is all I can say for the rest of the stuff.

  • Depending on how long you’ve had the washer (i.e., where it is in its expected lifespan) and what the cost would be to replace it, it might not be worth repairing.

    If you do go the repair route, I would NOT recommend A&E. I had a washing machine (Whirlpool) that broke after six months, and A&E was the warranty-authorized company to repair it. I was not at all impressed with them. After seven unsuccessful repair appointments, I was able to get Lowe’s to take the washer away and give me a refund.

  • Marc Weinstein is the best. (301) 421-1942

  • A related question – does a washer/dryer – (probably about 8 years old) need a “check-up/tune up?” It seems to be working fine, but does it need “oiling?”

  • The last few times, I’ve been able to fix those types of appliances by going to repairclinic dot com. They have a step-by-step method to help you diagnose the problem and then order the part to fix it. I’ve replaced motors, belts, and pumps. But then, I’m too cheap to pay someone else.

    • Plus if you google the part number you can find it at the best price. Most appliances are not that hard to repair. I had to replace the motor on my dryer and the repair guy wanted $400 and I did it for the $60 replacement part. I too am cheap

      • More info please! Replacing a motor doesn’t sound all that easy. I’m pretty handy – have installed garbage disposal, sinks, toilets – but really – give us more perspective. I’m actually happy to pay someone who knows what they’re doing, when I know it might take me 4 times as long.

        • Victoria, it probably took me a couple of hours and well worth it b/c of the savings. If you’ve done all that you say, you can do this, you just have to look up stuff on-line or in a book such as the Time/Life Fix it Yourself Manual and then go to it. You will have a point or two where you might be temporarily flummoxed but you will figure it out. You just have to go slow and, this is really important, put it back together right away so you don’t forget how it went together. Good luck!

  • I also recommend Marc Weinstein. Simply the best for appliance repair. If you describe the problem over the phone, often he will recommend (for free) an easy fix that you can do yourself.

  • I really like Darrel Wooten at Wooten Appliance. He has fixed my stove and fridge, and is a nice responsive guy.


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