Dear PoPville – Quiet Apartment Buildings in DC?

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“Dear PoPville,

I live in an older apartment building with thin walls. My neighbor (the same one for several years) has started leaving the TV on all night at high volumes (high enough I can tell what the people on TV are saying through our shared wall). The management company has done what they can, but I’m ready to move and can within the next two months. Before I do though, are there any really quiet buildings in DC? Not quiet neighborhoods, but buildings that are well-built and have features that help mask noise.

My experience has indicated it largely depends on your luck on landing a neighbor that is reasonably quiet or an apartment with few shared walls. But maybe your readers can enlighten me.”

Anyone live in a building with really thick walls? I’ve always imagined the Cairo would have thick walls.

We’ve previously spoken about soundproofing options here and here.

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  • I lived in the Envoy on 16th for a year and thought it was remarkably quiet. Get a top floor unit on the back side (not on the 16th St. side and it should be good. Heard some hall noise from time to time but otherwise loved the quiet.

  • I live in the Onyx just up the alley from the Navy Yard Metro. This building is fantastic for containing noise… both ours and the other residents’. Sometimes I forget we even have neighbors.

  • sulgrave manor on connecticut ave & nebraska has thick, plaster walls. some hall noise, but you rarely hear your neighbors if you’re in your living room or bedroom.

  • I used to live in Wisconsin House, in Glover Park at 2712 Wisconsin Ave. I found it to be very quiet, but that might have been because both of the next door units were old ladies. The walls were cinderblock. The units facing Wisconsin Ave can be loud because there’s a party house across the street and then windows themselves are flimsy.

    I’m now in the Odyssey in Courthouse (Arlington). It’s amazingly quiet. I wouldn’t even know that there are other human beings in the building. I love it.

  • I used to live in the Camden Roosevelt on 16th.. I faced 16th street and it was still pretty quiet… I was coming from NYC, so maybe it was just me

  • I live at the Park Monroe. The building use to be really quiet. As the younger crowd in the building has grown (me included) the noise level has gotten out of control. I understand making some noise during the day but late at night is not cool at all.

  • The apartment building I live in is pretty quiet. I can’t hear a thing in my apartment, but when I go out into the hallway, you can hear the neighbor’s TV blasting. Amazing that I can’t hear it inside. The apartment building is Alto Towers at 3206 Wisconsin Ave, NW. Also, I think they have some vacancies.

  • Try 1545 18th Street NW. Was super quiet. Could hear others talking, watching TV, and listening to music really easily when in the hallway but no sound traveled between the walls once you were inside the unit.

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