Dear PoPville – New Year’s Eve Suggestions?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

Dear PoPville,

We have friends coming into town and are looking for a less advertised spot to celebrate New Year’s that does not break the bank. Ideally, somewhere in DC that has a chill vibe, music, and the possibility of having a place to sit without having a ridiculous cover charge. Thanks for your help!

I just got an email from El Centro (1819 14th St. NW):

5 PM-Close | $10 Cover
$5 Latin Cocktails, Wine & Beer

Anyone else know of good spots without a ridiculous cover charge?

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  • I went to Tonic the last two years. All you can drink beer and rail drinks for $35 if memory serves.

  • Sounds like you need to have a low key house party. That scenario would be the perfect new years, and please feel free to correct me, but I don’t think it exists at a bar in DC. I was at a house a couple years ago that was ‘come and go as you please’ and peopled stopped in before parties, after parties, skipped parties to stay, and it was really nice. I got to see lots of people but wasn’t pressured to party hard. Some beers and snacks and champagne and you can create whatever vibe you’re looking for.

  • Fatback DC has a new years party going on until 4am for $30
    that is, if they don’t mind the time-travel theme and don’t have their heart set on top 40 music.

    • Fatback DJs are awesome, so much fun. Plus this might be the cheapest option especially if you just want to have fun without all the hype. Every time I see Fatback I leave a sweaty, hot, happy mess. So stoked for this event! Just not sure who or what I want to be…

  • Fatback DC has a new years party going on til 4am for $30. check out their website or one love massive for the details. It’s throwback music though and little to no top 40.

    I’m not digging most of what’s on the radio nowadays so i tend to play old music but i realize not everyone’s into that.

  • I got to Marx every year. No cover, you just buy your drinks. Always fun, if you’re not looking for a huge mega ball.

  • I would have to say your best bet would be a low key house party. You get to pick everything you like and none of the downside. I haven’t been to a bar for New Year’s, so I can’t comment, but I’ve done house parties at different places the last 3 years and they’ve all been loads of fun and very little hassle.

  • Shameless Plug –
    At the Passenger we’re doing a $10 cover with a DJ in the Warehouse Theater space in the back. Includes a champagne toast at midnight.

    At Room 11 we’ll be doing a few special things on the food and drink menu, but it is usually on the chill side for New Year’s Eve.

    • I second Passenger. Went to their first New Years Bash and the dance party in the back was huge!

      • I was one of those DJ’s….

        I’m DJ’ing at Looking Glass Lounge this year. No cover, champagne toast at midnite, off the chain music.

    • Fatback & One Love Massive are hosting a time travelers ball on NYE for only $30 and every time you buy a ticket we plant a tree. The best part… You can be anything or anyone you want to be… 🙂

  • i second the fatback DC party

  • House party. New Year’s Eve is strictly an amateur affair. Stand in line for drinks and the restroom all night? No.

  • I wonder what Moroni & Bros does for New Year’s.

  • I will be attending the Time Travelers Ball. I dont want to do the same old DC $100 to attend and get a free toast. I think this party will be original and lots of fun!!!

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