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  • I have nothing to offer regarding the question, but just wanted to say that I love this photo. I’ve been refurbishing six radiators and have taken great appreciation in the variety of styles and shapes from very plain to very ornate. Once you fix them up, they are quite lovely.

  • I don’t use them but their per therm charge is just under 5% less than WG, so depending on how much gas you use a year it may be worth your time to switch.

    Whatever you do, don’t lock in a price with them, let your rate float. NG prices have continued to steadily fall, even in light of the arrival of winter to North America when prices tend to increase. If you are thinking about locking in your rate, wait until spring.

  • My mom uses Novec for electricity in Clifton, Va. and I have other friends out that way that use Novec and are pretty happy with them and their service. That being said, I do not have an experience or recommendation for them in the district – nor do I know if things are very different on the Natural Gas side of the house.

  • Based on their sleazy telephone ploys to get me to call them to switch from WG, I won’t use them. They’ve left me several messages, each one the same stating that I need to call them as soon as possible about my Washington gas bill, as if something was wrong. When I called, it was just a sales pitch. I said no thanks but they continue to call.

  • restructured, not deregulated.

  • ah

    I use WGES, which is another competing gas supplier. They are fine. In fact, their service really doesn’t matter, because Washington Gas handles all that: the pipes, the metering, and even billing disputes. The one time I did have to deal with WGES, they were fine (when I moved).

    I realize WGES is not Novec, but the point is that all that really matters is the price, since at least in DC all the service is provided by Washington Gas.

    (BTW, WGES is owned by Washington Gas, but somehow is allowed to avoid the regulated price and provides a better price as a result).

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