Costco to come to Dakota Crossing in NE DC

Map via CBRE

A reader writes:

“This may be the biggest news of the year in my opinion. Costco as well as other stores coming to Dakota Crossings next year!”

DCMUD reported earlier in the week:

“The District and the developers of the Shops at Dakota Crossing – a forthcoming 42-acre big-box retail destination revolving around Costco – have struck a deal.”

You can learn lots more about the project, scheduled to open in April 2013, here.

Costco in DC is big news. But I still think Trader Joe’s to 14th and U St, NW is bigger 🙂

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  • Finally I can stock up on toilet paper without having to leave the District!

  • Trader Joe’s is bigger? Let me guess, you live right by 14th and U.

  • Eh. Can get to Pentagon City way faster than trekking across town. Though this is a big deal for the Ward 7/8 ers who treck down to VA.

    • But then you give your sales tax dollars to Virginia.

      • A very good point about the sale tax dollars! I am very conflicted about crossing the bridge to the “Hate State” to buy anything. In fact, I was able to find some items at the Beltsville Costco that had been sold out at the Arlington store last weekend. I could easily be swayed into continuing to costco it up to Maryland – and just a few block from there is one of the best Pho restaurants too.

    • I’m in Ward 6. My girlfriend got us a Costco memebership last summer and I can honestly say we haven’t gone there once. Pentagon City is a nightmare to get to, and Lanham just seems too out there. But this location I’d definitely go to; it’s not super-close but it should be painless to get to and at least my tax dollars will be staying within DC. Pretty soon DC residents won’t need to leave the city for anything!

  • Two good things about this post – Another Costco will relieve the strain on the Arlington Costco (hopefully) – but the Arlington store is still closest of the 3 close-in stores for me; and we’re still plotzing from the news that Trader Joe’s is coming to 14th and U. AND – hopefully PoP will post on Monday that there will be movies at the Lincoln Theatre next week!

  • How are we going to carry all the big items from Costco to home, we will all need a car,zipcar??

    • 1. Most people have cars in DC.
      2. Those who don’t probably aren’t interested in a Costco membership anyway, either because they’re too cheap, too hipster, too hippie, or can’t be bothered.

      • Are you kidding me? Do you really only think cheap people (and you do know that cheap is different than poor right?) and hipsters/hippies are the only people who don’t have cars? This has got to be one of the more ridiculous responses posted on POP to date and trust me, there have been a lot of ridiculous comments posted.

        • Let me guess… you don’t have a car? 🙂

        • That’s a good point actually. My partner and I share a car, because it’s a lot less expensive to have one than not. I think it’s often the wealthier residents who can afford to not have cars.

        • I think the comment above is more ridiculous because it apparently assumes that NO ONE here has access to a car and that it’s not fair that a store selling large hard-to-carry items doesn’t have accomodations for those without a vehicle. Do you want your membership to double so Costco can provide a free delivery service for carless shoppers? That’ll go over well I’m sure.

  • I would care a little more if it was near a metro station. It’s an almost totally useless location for those of us who don’t have cars. I understand why it’s located there–cheap, and lots of space available for a big store–but it’s still not worth the haul.

    • Find a friend who does have a a vehicle and go stock up. Simple.

      • Agreed. Costco is not the type of place you just pop over for a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk. It’s the type of place you go once every few weeks to stock up. I can’t imagine ever taking the Metro there, even if it were Metro accessible. Lugging all those bulk goods on the train would be a mess.

  • Costco really has little need to be near metro. Not a whole lot for sale in Costco that would be easily transported home via metro unfortunately. Maybe if you have one of those carts, I could see buying produce and such?

  • T

    ~5 miles from our place in Petworth — shoot across north capitol, hop on Taylor, down south dakota… NICE.

    The trader joes is super exciting too, but I dread parking at 14th and U. Hopefully they’ll have a parking garage, like the foggy bottom TJs.

    • I’m sure they’ll have parking. The whole corner from McDonalds down to and including the Masonic Lodge is coming down (except for the McDonalds facade); the land will be excavated and rebuilt with loads of parking. And because of the neighborhood density, a lot of people will walk, and it will also be on the way home from the 13th & U Metro exit for hundreds of people living to the west, north and south of 14th & U. It should be a win-win for the entire area.

  • This makes a hell of a lot more sense than 6 Walmarts all in the “black and Hispanic” enclaves of a city barely 12 square miles. Someone on the council used common sense rather than greed and myopia

  • Wow. I drive through this every day on my way home from work, and I’ve been wondering what they are building. I personally detest big box stores, but it is a good use of space (it was previously just a big patch of young invasive trees and weeds) and will probably be very convenient for a lot of people.

  • Will they sell BOOZE?!?!

  • This is great. I like that developments like this in upper NE shift the center of gravity in the District farther from the middle of NW and more into the center of the District itself. In other words, Bloomingdale and other communities around North Capitol feel less like the edge of NW and more of what they are — a central location within the city.

  • Isn’t this like a stones throw from one of the Wal-Marts? If so, TRAFFIC out the wazoo (as if NY Avenue isn’t bad already) and I will be avoiding the area while driving like the plague.

  • “On Friday, the development team, facilitated by a $46.5-million construction loan, acquired the Fort Lincoln land from the District.” – HA! they sold your wetland forest park.

  • The GGW thread on this is, as you would expect, laughable. It’s as if they’re building a combination puppy-torture center/mustard gas factory.

  • I’m glad that we’re getting a Costco. It’s a nice thing to have and nice to keep tax dollars in the district.

    But I’m kinda bummed that we’re getting more ginormous strip mall urban design in Ward 5. Yes, it’s pretty much vacant land now, but there isn’t all that much land in the district. Once you build something, it is hard to get rid of. The way the Home Depot shopping center is laid out, for example, is a travesty.

    We should have these stores in the District, but they should front the street and have a parking garage in the back or decked-over parking so it is less unpleasant for nearby residents.

  • Great to see major development coming to the District, but there are smarter ways of designing it to provide the parking but also foster more urban fabric in that area (the Pentagon City Costco is a good example and extremely successful). A big store surrounded by asphalt is just lazy and outdated, not to mention unwise for DC to try to out-suburban suburbia. The disaster they’re now trying to fix at the Rhode Island Home Depot development should have taught a valuable lesson.

  • brookland_rez

    I’m really excited about this. This location is like a mile from my house. I’m not a member of Costco now, but will definitely join.

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