Cosi in Dupont Closes for Renovations

The Cosi located outside the Dupont South metro exit has closed for renovations:

I guess they’re trying to keep up with the newer Panera next door:

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  • Is this really a remodeling or is it a closing in disguise?

  • thebear

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re getting out of Dodge. When the Metro entrance was closed to replace the escalators 15 years ago, it really did a number on Lawson’s business…and the waste-of-space Benetton that was where Krispy Kreme is now got torpedoed. Without the steady flow of people in and out of the subway, plus the noise and other disruptions the work will cause, Panera will probably be hit as well.

  • I used to work nearby and ate there quite frequently. The other commenters may be correct, but that place was a disaster during lunch rush with no discernible place to line up. Just a disorganized crowd crushing into the door or the bathroom.

  • I liked it better when it was XandO !

    • Word!

      Of course, I was never really sure how to pronounce it. But the mocha martinis were the best!

      • Yes, I was never sure if it was “X and O”, or “Zando”! We used to go there for coffee and then to the movie theaters right next door. Maybe get Ben & Jerrys for dessert afterwards. Good times…

  • Um, I got coffee in this Cosi this morning. Just walked by around lunchtime and still open.

    Does anyone remember when it was closed for health code violations? Maybe 2-3 months ago?

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