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  • They used to have astore in the Gtown mall, but closed it early this month or late Nov. I received an email from them saying they lost their lease in the mall.

    I guess they were moving to this new spot.

  • I looked at the category tags and you only have “Retail” and “Georgetown”. I thought you established a “Comfort One” tag long ago. If not, now is the time.

  • Comfort One/Mephisto…that spans the footware gradients

  • Can anyone explain the weird siding? It has seams so it must be siding. What was under it before? It looks like it’s trying to emulate Formstone, but who likes Formstone, let alone fake Formstone?

    • It’s actually a tin-sided building, apparently very historic and important to the architecture of Georgetown…or so my architect husband once mentioned.

  • Has Comfort One officially become the Ca$h-4-Gold/Payday Advance/Liquor Store of the middle-class areas?

  • The Comfort One shoe regime continues its empire expansion. No area is safe anymore from their militant podiatry.

  • When they closed the Georgetown Park store last month, all shoes were on sale for $30, and if you bought two the second was $15.00.

    A 90% savings – sweet deal.

  • I love Ecco shoes. Most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I’ve heard Mephisto is comfy too, but more pricey.

  • People still go to Georgetown? I thought it was all old folks, trophy wives and shoppers visiting from Saudi Arabia.

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