Cat Found by Eastern Market

Dear PoPville,

I know it’s XMas Eve and all, but my husband and I, while walking around Eastern Market this afternoon, found a cat wandering around the Crepe Stand. He didn’t have a tag, but did have a collar with a small bell on it. He is also front-declawed and very mild-mannered. I know he must belong to someone given that he seemed very sweet and comfortable around people (but not dogs). We took him to the Humane Society on New York Ave and they are putting a 5-day hold on him for his owner to claim him.He was scanned and didn’t have a chip. As of 3:00PM on Sat, he is entered into their system, under the name Rudy (short for Rudolph, hey, It’s Xmas and all).

Found: Male Cat
Color/Type: Orange, Long Hair
Weight: Large Cat, prob. about 12-14lbs.
Found Location: Eastern Market
Distinguishing Features: Collar with small bell, Neutered,
front-declawed, “could” be a orange Maine Coon mix. Overall, in good
condition, just hungry.

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  • what happens after the 5th day?

    • you have to ask?

      • A healthy well fed looking cat with a collar? I would hope after the 5th day they start looking for a new home and not what I fear. I’ve contacted the humane society about these instances before and they told me their is no timeline prior to putting animals down, and I believed that to be truth. Maybe I’m gullible, but they told me they only put down unhealthy animals and that there is no 5 day timeline for such things. And yes I have to ask. To think the organization that handles such things on a regular basis has a 5 day time limit is sickening. If that’s the case, I would never recommend anybody take a stray to them. There are plenty of no-kill shelters out there that would provide a much better service to the animals.

        • Hi there! I am the person who found “Rudy,” and after the 5-day holding period, he gets put up for adoption, not euthanized. The 5-day holding period is designed so that the owner is given time to claim the animal. After the 5 days, Rudy WILL be put up for adoption. I called today to check on him and they think that he is about 5 years old. I will NOT let him get put down, as they are instructed to call me, should that even be an option.

  • thank you, and if you know anyone looking for a great cat, he is wonderful and deserves a good home.

  • I once found a cat in my neighborhood wandering around at night….no tags, well fed, declawed, just like the one you found. We thought it MUST have been lost, so we were prepared to take care of it for a couple of days so that we could make up flyers to see if we could find it’s owners.

    While walking around, putting up flyers later that night, we saw a woman standing around her back yard, appearing to look for something. We asked her if she was looking for her cat, and of course, she was.

    She said that she lets her cat out to roam freely, and that it always comes back. Apparently, there are a good number of really stupid people out there that allow their cats to roam around freely without tags. I hope that this cat is not one of those. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. Hopefully, the owners have enough sense to check with the humane society…

    • Cat owners who let their cats out without tags are not stupid. Some cats are frightened by tags, and there are many clever cats who remove their collars once outside.

      • A declawed cat should not be allowed to roam freely outside. It has too few ways to protect itself.

      • And how do those clever cats get rid of their implanted microchip? oh right, this one didn’t have one. Owners who let their declawed cats roam around freely without tags or a microchip are not only stupid, but inhumane.

  • It’s very frustrating to me when people who let their cats wander around the streets of DC are surprised when their pets all of a sudden disappear. Raccoons and dogs attack cats all the time, and stray cats get into some pretty ugly fights. “Outdoor cats” get hit by cars or fall victim to the numerous other hazards that come along with being an outdoor animal in an urban environment. If you care about keeping your pet safe then you should keep it inside.

  • I love Wash Humane, but read their yelp and google reviews and you’ll see that unfortunetly they don’t have capacity to keep all the cats that are brought to them. The euthanasia rate is high, and cats apparently have only a matter of weeks at most at their NY Ave shelter.

  • After sadly having to have my 19-year old cat put down at the NY Ave HS, I took a look through their euthanasia log book. They have to put down unadopted animals multiple times a day and most of then are under a year old. Some of them are mean, old or sick (stray kittens often have kitty leukemia etc.) but for most of them, there are just not enough willing owners out there.
    Also noticed that in the dog section of the pound, every dog that WASN’T a pit bull had an “I’m adopted” card on their kennel door. There were dozens of pit bulls. Sad.

  • I’m not trying to flame the OP, I think his/her heart was in the right place but some people let their cats outside. yes, even in the city. even without tags. just because the animal is chilling on the sidewalk it doesn’t mean he is a homeless stray; he looks well feed and groomed. the cat was probably within walking distance of his foodbowl and litterbox. Just because the cat was friendly enough to be picked up and carried to your car doen’t mean he needs to be taken to the shelter.
    to reiterate, I am not trying to doubt the OP’s original intentions but this seems to be an instance where compassion clouded common sense.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Hope OP actually posted some signs in the neighborhood or perhaps went door to door. It is remotely possible that not everyone in DC reads PoP…

      • This is the OP, and not only did I post on PoP, I put his information on Craigslist, posted over 20 signs in the neighborhood, and went door-to-door for a 2-block radius to see if he belonged to anyone, PRIOR to taking him to the shelter. You are foolish to think PoP was the only place. Also, my heart was 100% in the right place, given that he had no claws, no tags and was hanging out in a VERY busy place. I brought him to the Humane Society to get scanned in hopes of finding his owners, but alas, no chip. I was not going to leave, what seemed to be, a helpless cat in the open. ON A GOOD NOTE, the owner did contact me today and was headed to pick “Rudy” up at the shelter. So please, do not doubt anyone’s motives.

    • @nettie,

      An owner that allows its cat to roam outside must take precautions and act like a responsible owner bu providing the cat with identification (tags and a microchip). However, any cat that has had its claws removed should NEVER be let outside. It can’t defend itself.

      The OP did the right thing.

  • I love cats. I do. But they should not be allowed to roam about outdoors. Not only is it unsafe for them, they also kill birds. Our native bird population has enough trouble keeping up in DC without having to contend with cats.

  • My husband was in Eastern Market on Christmas Eve and went into Ginkos Garden store…where they had a giant, orange tabby cat named Ginko who lives there. Maybe its him and he got out of the store?

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