Boxcar Tavern Looks Close to Opening by Eastern Market

Back in July ’11 we learned that a new spot called Boxcar Bistro (though signage now says Boxcar Tavern) would be opening up in the former Petite Gourmet space next to Tunnicliffs at 224 7th St, SE by Eastern Market. The project is from Xavier Cervera, owner of Senart’s, Lola’s, and Molly Malone’s on Barracks Row. You can peek in the window and see that they’ll be opening any day now. Do you like the way it turned out?

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  • I’m not crazy about the interior decor, but I’ll withhold my judgement until I see the menu. I believe it’s supposed to be opening by the end of the month.

    Tunicliff’s next door is shaking in its boots, it seems. They’ve proactively done a lot of rennovations in the past month or two.

    • It looks like a Cervera place, and I’m guessing it will taste like a Cervera place (others can argue on whether that’s good or bad). If you want to see the menu, head down the street to one of his other bars.

      • Ditto. Actually it looks a lot like Sennerts.

      • I don’t know about that– if you compare the menus for Molly Malone’s, Senarts, The Chesapeake Room, they’re all pretty distinct (unlike the decor). I believe this place is going to big on charcuterie, which the other restaruants don’t have.

  • Inside it looks like they hung up the old sign from Finn MaCools which used to be in Barracks Row. Same guy bought that place, renovated it and it is now called Molly Malone’s

  • The food will probably be decent and i know the people are going to be complaining about the decor. Hopefully, they have a decent draft list as well. I suppose they’ll have a good wine list given it is a wine bar. It will be good to see another place to eat and another bar in the area… far too many restaurants close early at 11 or 12.

    Given another 6 months and hopefully the chipotle, nooshi, and moby dick’s will all be open on barracks row.

  • I guess we know what the Hawk and Dove is going to look like. This guy’s decorating technique seems to be: take one decorating style you like, put it in every bar you own in a 3 block radius thus killing both the individuality of the bars and the decorating style.

  • I’m looking forward to having a place to go on that block that doesn’t involve walking through the enclosed smoking section, err, I mean patio, at Tunnicliffs. In the Winter they zip up the patio enclosure, trapping everyone inside, and the smoke too, forcing people to be accosted by the smoke on their way in and out, and endangering the lives of everyone in the bar were there an emergency. I wish the fire marshall would show up and shut that place down. Pure recklessness and disregard for human life, all because the owner and a subset of patrons want to smoke.

  • just don’t enter then. You have a choice, make it. if you’re so bothered by smokers smoking in a designated point for them, take yourself elsewhere. You walk through there, not hang there, right? Just want to make sure I have this right.

  • Place looks decent. I go to Tunnicliffs alot. Some people might take their renovations as “shaking in their boots”, others might take it as being competitive, whatever….As for the patio and the hatred of Tunnicliffs by one poster here, I’m assuming you’re an angry person who wants to punch every smoker you see in the face. I smoke. I smoke on Tunnicliffs patio. I have also seen customers who are cold zip up the patio to which you refer to as a hazard, only to have the management ask them to leave it open. Then the ” I can do whatever I want b/c I’m a paying customer” people zip it back up. Trust me, it’s not some reckless bar owner doing that, its snobby drunks on the patio doing that. I’ve seen far too employees get cussed out by patrons who have this”disregard” you speak of. But you keep being you, and We will keep smoking on the patio, which is covered, heated, and now has a beautiful TV out there!

    • I’ve become increasingly more sensitive to smoke, but I’ve never had a problem with the Tunicliff’s patio. I actually find the new TV they’ve mounted out there more offensive– now I’ll never be able to escape the blaring sports– but otherwise I love the new awning and other upgrades!

  • Tunnicliffs is gross. Welcome this place — just hope they have a happy hour.

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