Boundary Road Looking Good on H St, NE

It’s been a while since we checked in on Boundary Road coming to 414 H Street, NE. Back in Feb. ’11 we learned it will be a:

“Neighborhood style American fare menu, full service restaurant and bar with a seating capacity for 65 patrons. Total occupancy load of 80. Entertainment will consist of occasional live music or DJ.”

The outside is looking great.

But a peek in the window reveals there’s still a bit of work to accomplish inside:

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  • First person who ends up here accidentally because their friend was actually saying “Boundary Stone” (or vice-versa) drinks for free.

  • So.jealous.of.H.Street.

    • devoe

      This is sarcasm right? If we’re comparing “Road” to “Stone” based on the exterior I will take “Stone” – the outside of “Road” looks more appropriate for a place called “Legendz” or “Climax” for that matter

      • you haven’t yet been to Boundary Stone, THE spot in Bloomingdale? I suppose now we’ll have to specify or abbreviate.. BOUNDARY STONE PUBIC HOUSE (BSPH)

      • I’m sure he was referring to the quantity (density) rather than individual destinations. Also the quality on H is very high, obviously.

        That being said, Bloomindale is a great neighborhood.

  • Wow. Painful. Announced in February. It’s now December and still months of work ahead. This isn’t uncommon. Do property owners give a year rent free? I suspect it’s the permit/inspection process that slows things down like this. I’m sure they coulda knocked this out in a couple of months.

    • Pretty much every place that has opened in the last few years on H Street has gone though the same delays (Biergarten, Toki, Queen Vic, H Street Country Club). Usually it is a combination of red tape and funding shortages.

  • exciting news. Go H street!

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