Bad Accident at 18th and L St, NW This Morning

Dear PoPville,

One of the BID guys told me that at about 7:30 this morning an SUV hit a fire truck. I didn’t get a picture, but there were pieces of SUV stuck to the front of the fire truck. You can see the rest of the SUV on the right side of the photo. I hope everyone was ok, but they did have to cut people out of the car. I don’t know what happened here, but I found it interesting that just a few minutes before I (incredulously) watched a guy cross I Street right in front of an ambulance with sirens on.

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  • It looks to me like the fire truck hit the SUV, not the other way around …

    • it amazes me how some drivers just do NOT know how to stop when they hear sirens. Not that I am blaming SUV, or have any idea what happened. but I am constantly seeing cars that continue driving through intersections even when sirens are blaring and emergency vehicles are trying to come through.

      • Not long ago I saw an ambulance trying to make it’s way through traffic on Irving St next to DCUSA. A vehicle stopped right in front of the ambulance to let someone out at the corner. And it wasn’t an “open door, exit quickly” maneuver.

        Couldn’t believe it.

        • I can. People are assholes when driving and constantly double-park around there with impunity. The cops do absolutely nothing to prevent it, either.

  • On a similar note…does anyone know what happened at around 9th & O or 9th & N this morning/last night. When I drove past on my way to work this morning (around 8am), there were 2 cars that looked like they had been set on fire or something, ie they were completely scorched on the inside. Wonder what could have caused that. Creepy stuff.

  • If I had a dime for every time I saw a driver not yield to an emergency vehicle running its lights and sirens, I’d be a billionaire.

  • This could explain the slew of rescue vehicles I saw racing from Georgetown University Hospital this morning…I was wondering what happened.

  • brookland_rez

    So much for SUVs being safer. I guess it doesn’t matter what vehicle you have when you have someone stupid behind the wheel. Not that I’m judging or anything

    • I don’t disagree with your general conclusion that SUVs suck, but this vehicle appears to have fared remarkably well in this crash. It looks bad because they cut the door off, but actually there was almost literally no intrusion into the occupant compartment. The door frame retained its shape and the front windshield didn’t even crack. A lesser vehicle would have been bent into a “V” shape from that sort of crash.

  • I walked past this on my way to work this morning. To be honest, I’m amazed there aren’t more accidents of the vehicular, pedestrian and cyclist variety. Daily, I see a new and dumb thing- blatently crossing/riding/driving against the traffic signal, ignoring emergency vehicles, bikes on sidewalks narrowly missing pedestrians, you name it.

    • As long as the police continue to not prosecute for any infraction short of murder it will only continue to get worse.

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