Aroi Thai/Japanese Cuisine Coming to Bloomingdale

Back in July ’11 I shared some scuttlebutt saying that a new Thai restaurant was coming to Bloomingdale at 1832 1st St, NW (next to Yoga District.) I’m happy to report that construction has begun:

I’ve learned that it will be a sit down Thai and Japanese restaurant called Aroi. If all goes according to plan they hope to complete the renovations and open in May 2012. Stay tuned.

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  • Oh. My. Gawd! Thank you Santa/Jesus!

    Take that, Petworth.

  • Awesome news! Hope they put some bigger windows in the front and add patio seating outside! Can’t wait to check it out

  • Rock on! Bloomingdale continues to get better and better!

  • Great news!

  • shaybee

    this is wonderful news! my roommates and i constantly lament the lack of thai food within walking/delivering distance!

    • Not sure where you live but it must be near the bloomingdale corner. Beau Thai is AMAZING good food, easily walkable from the corner AND they deliver for free fast. I have never had it take more than 30 minutes from the time I order until they are ringing my doorbell. Yum Yum

      • For serious. LOVE Beau Thai and it’s superfast delivery.

      • shaybee

        We live near Rustik! And yes, I’ve heard about Beau Thai, but only recently and haven’t had a chance to try it out. I’m glad for good recommendations about it! Yelp has some very negative ones re: food, delivery times, prices per amount of food, etc sprinkled in with rave reviews, so I was a little worried. but i trust you guys more than yelp, i think!

        • What are you talking about? Beau Thai has an average of 4 stars after 115 reviews. So, I would say the bad reviews are sprinkled in with rave reviews…

          If you get worried about a 4star/115 review restaurant? Where do you feel is acceptable? Michelin starred places only? Please.

        • I had one back experience with delivery from there but if you live anywhere in Bloomingdale you can just as easily walk it anyway. I agree that the food is very good but the cost has started to push what I think is justified. Just my opinion. Either way, it’s definitely worth trying out.

      • Not sure what you’ve had at Beau Thai, but I’ve tried most things and have yet to find anything worthwhile. In fact, arguably some of the worst Thai I’ve ever had in DC. I’ll gladly take this new joint.

  • Not only am I SO EXCITED that Thai is coming to Bloomingdale, I’m also really excited that you used the word “scuttlebutt.”

  • This is great news. Ol’ Bloomy needs more restaurants without bulletproof glass and deep fryers.

  • Thai = great.

    Thai + Japanese = fabu-wonderful.

    Thai + Japanese + massage = nirvana.

  • This is very exciting, it has made my day!!

    I hope that they lean more Japanese with the menu to differentiate a little from Beau Thai.

    • claire


      Love Thai food so I wouldn’t complain either way, but Beau Thai does it really really well, so it’d be nice to have something a little different here. Either way, big gain for Bloomingdale!

  • So excited! I moved here a year and a half ago, and the amount of changes in just that short period of time is astonishing.

    Was so excited I called my Mom in Florida to tell her the good news. She loves this area, as well. So she’s excited to check the new spot out once they open.

  • this is the best news i’ve heard all day!

  • We love Beau Thai, and order from them all the time for delivery. It’s a better experience and faster than going to the restaurant. However, this will make for a very nice addition to the neighborhood. And Thank God that empty place is going to be taken up by a business that will flourish and keep on improving the overall block. Always nice being surprised with improvements like this here in Bloomingdale. Is the restaurant just renting or was the space sold? I can’t imagine that the owner would sell since the big yellow eye sore of a corner block is still rotting away. Anyone know what the deal is?


    • That would be “BLOOMINGDALE” Sorry, just too excited. 🙂

    • I’ve heard the guy on the corner wants something insane for his space (like upwards of $1 million). I haven’t talked to him myself but have heard this from a couple of people that have expressed interest in the space over the past year or two.

  • Did you get any word from the owners on the bug problem in the building? Have they finally got that under control?

  • ledroittiger

    I really like Beau Thai too. And Thai X-ing is probably my favorite Thai place in the city, let alone LeDroit Park. But I now live on Rhode Island between 1st and 2nd, so this will be more convenient. Thai X-ing will be my “special occasion place.

    Most important though is the fact that both of the existing Thai places in the neighborhood are perpetually slammed/low on seating, so as long as this place is palatable, it should alleviate some of that. And allow me to get a seat at my bar from time to time.

  • Thanks for that last mention of Thai X-ing ~ yes we are in walking distance, between 5th and 6th on Florida, and we love to serve delicious food to all of the neighborhood locals. We were just listed by Washingtonian as #1 best thai food in DC. We no longer offer take out however ~ every night is fixed price chefs choice with many courses. Sundays is all vegan, closed mondays.. Call a week ahead for reservations. Personally, I am very happy to hear of the new restaurant coming in – I live a block from yoga district and am loving life in the bloominghood.

  • I greet this news with happiness. I greet some of the recent comments with skepticism.

    First, if you believe Beau Thai is lacking in quality, I question your judgement ability in the realm of food. It’s certainly quality food, though you could say a bit pricey (the drink menu pricing is plain unreasonable). I have ordered delivery over a half dozen times and it has always been damn quick, usually about 30 minutes. I reckon I eat Beau Thai maybe every other week. Big fan.

    A second concern I have is the desire to put in a “Thai / Japanese” restaurant. Crossover restaurants of the Asian variety are usual suspect and are a marketing technique to appeal to eaters with a fashionable pallet. They might as well just say “Thai, with sushi.” The chef(s) should focus on the cuisine of their specialty and produce that with high quality. The only places that do the crossover well are usually high-end and, as such, probably not moving into Bloomingdale as of yet.

  • Does the Japanese part mean they’ll definitely have sushi? If so, I’m totally excited!!! Love love love sushi!

    • seems an odd combination thai/ japanese. i’m happy for any nice place that opens in bloomingdale, and i look forward to loving it and having my skepticism destroyed.

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