Adams Morgan/Kalorama Post Office Saved. 14th and Wallach Will Look for new Locale in U St. neighborhood

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Press releases went out yesterday. From Rep. Norton:

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) has confirmed that the Kalorama post office (2300 18th St.), located in Ward 1, has been taken off the United States Postal Service (USPS) Expanded Access Study List and is no longer being considered for closure.

Last week, Norton announced that seven of the 19 D.C. post offices on the list for possible closure had been removed, and USPS announced this week that it would delay closing or consolidating any post offices until May 2012.

CM Graham wrote:

At a Ward 1 community meeting convened by USPS and myself, DC Postmaster Gerald Roane acknowledged some 2500 messages he had received to preserve both 14th/Wallach and Kalorama/Adams Morgan post offices.

Postmaster Roane then announced that Kalorama would be removed from the list of post offices “under study” and that it would not be considered for closing. Further good news, USPS is committed to finding a new U Street area location for the 14th St P.O. to replace the current location which is set for redevelopment. Until the end of the lease in February 2012, the Post Office will remain open. Hopefully by then we will have at least a temporary location in the U Street neighborhood.

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  • Why is the post office a government run entity? It is clear that its only remaining value is the ability to perform the last mile of delivery, while in the mean time they operationally in the red and horribly inefficient in transportation and routing. Let FedEx or UPS, or some other similar entity, that has figured out how to efficiently collect, route and transport, take over the operations of the the last useful element of the USPS. And save us all some tax dollars.

    • That is very city-centric thinking there. FedEX/UPS does not serve everybody in this great nation of ours.

    • Um, the post office may be “government run” but it hasn’t received taxpayer support since the 1980s. It’s revenues are entirely from postage, and its shortfalls simply reflect the fact that not as much mail is sent.

      • Well, in that case, let it die the death of all poorly run businesses.

        • The Pentagon is poorly run as well and costs us much more money than the Post Office ever will. Should we privatize the military as well, using your logic? Or perhaps “let them fail like any other poorly run business”? SMH. The Post Office, like the federal grants given to keep rural airports open, services populations that the private sector would never serve, because it is unprofitable.

    • USPS already contracts out some long haul freight to UPS and FedEx.

    • On the same basis, I could ask why the airlines aren’t nationalized.

  • I am fine with this so long as all of the employees at the 14th and Wallach post office are replaced. They are the worst.

  • Put it in the Reeves Center!

  • 18th Post office is horrible as well. Went in there last Sat at 11:15 waited 20 minutes in a line that was thirty people deep. The line never moved then the only apparent post office employee in the building (who was very surly and obviously did not want to be there to begin with) told everyone in the back of the line to go home because she was closing at 12 PM and that she would not be able to get to us.

    Seems to me, that if you are in the building, and in line, you should have been helped even after the post office closes.

  • They should close the post office on 14th street simply because it’s so butt ugly. It’s tragic that we don’t take pride in public buildings the way we used to. Many of the greatest buildings in this city, the buildings that constitute the soul of the city (Capitol, Old Post Office, Union Station, etc), were built for the public.

    • The current post office’s lease was not renewed and will be demolished for the new Eric Colbert residential building at Wallach Place. The new post office will be somewhere nearby but we don’t know where.

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