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  • I’m all for the reemergence of the local butcher, but $10 for about a pound of sausage is luxury. Time was you went to the local butcher for quality meats at a quality price. Oh well, sign of the times.

  • $2.50 a link??!!

  • Yes, these are expensives sausages. You should give them a try though. I had one at the DC Brau brewery tour and I almost fell over because the Spicy Italian was so delicious. Seriously, it was the best sausage I have ever had.

  • I guess that bar is a meat market.

  • what do you guys think this fucking is the middle ages?…its 2011 folks. If you want quality you gotta shell out a lil extra…and worth it. Viva La 13st. Meats Son! #THEYAREHANDMADE #WISEUPSON

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