Work Already Begins on New Living Social Office Space at 7th and New York Ave, NW

Last week the Washington Post reported:

“Living Social continues to rapidly expand and consume new office space in the District to accommodate that growth.

The online coupon company plans to lease 1005-1011 7th Street NW, a historic property across the street from the Walter E. Washington Convention Center commonly referred to as the Acme Stove Building, owned by Douglas Development.”

Walking by last weekend I was surprised to see the building completely covered as work had already begun.

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  • I’m glad to see something is being done with these places but I was hoping for a restaurant or retail.

  • Living Social has the kind of cache to attract those type of establishments once its in the neighborhood.

  • andy

    Lease 1005-1011 7th Street NW for six months, and six months at get 1013 7th St NW FREE!

  • Unless this plan was in the pipeline for months, this would be the fastest permitting process ever. If so, D.C. must be really keen on keeping LivingSocial in the city, and that’s a good thing.

  • This is better news than retail or a restaurant.

    Living Social has some offices in Chinatown, are they moving or expanding?

    • I’m still not getting why this is better news than retail or a restaurant. Even if it’s a hip organization to work for, how is it any different from any other office going in?

      • well, we need more places for decent jobs. it would be nice if the business aspect of downtown expanded, not just the entertainment aspect. living social is also a business that brings good notoriety for dc.

  • I am often in the building Living Social now has their offices in. The people that work there are as a rule to most conceited a-holes. I have noticed the company seems to feed their employees often so it may not have the biggest draw for lunch type places.

    • A former colleague got a job with them a while back, and from what I hear they’re operating on a similar model to all the dot-coms that went belly up a decade ago. In other words, it’s mostly pizza parties and table tennis, lots of young folks making a lot of money for not really doing much. I’d be concerned for their longevity, once the next big thing pushes online discount coupons out of its way.

  • figby

    There are some stories in NYT and elsewhere about these companies — Groupon, etc — mostly flaming out.

  • I know two people who work there who are humble, beautiful souls. So much for generalizations.

  • I’m just worried that the work or the use of the building will harm the adjacent buildings on the block, like the Walker-Thomas furniture building (the scene of actions that led to a famous contracts cases, for the law students and lawyers in PoPville). It’s already all roped off, blocking a bus stop. Hopefully Douglas Development fixes it up too, but I’m definitely not holding my breath.

  • For some reason, I always pictured a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware there. I think it’s the look of the building. Oh well, at least it is FINALLY getting spruced up.

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