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  • This guy is not funny. Like Mo Rocca, just unfunnier.

  • I’m a huge Michael Ian Black fan and this would make my year to go see him live.

  • Because I still long for the days of Johnny Blue Jeans!!!

  • Pick me because I am an avid listener of his snack-eating podcast, a huge Ed fan and I want to get his recent book signed!

  • Because of Wet Hot American Summer, that’s why.

  • I want to go because I have to tell him something… I need him to take a shower… ‘Cause his parents are coming tomorrow. I don’t want to get in trouble… Cause he hasn’t taken a shower once yet this summer… He’s covered in dirt.

  • Because I’ve heard of him, but have never followed him.

  • pick me, pick me.

  • I have loved Michael Ian Black since the first time his gay sex scene made people flinch in 2001’s Wet Hot American Summer. Then he did all those VH1 specials, then I went back and discovered The State, devoured Stella on DVD, and watched Michael and Michael Have Issues. And of course there was his book, My Custom Van..

    Since I’ve been unemployed for the last nine months, it’s unlikely I get to see this master of comedy unless I win tickets (hard to drop 35 bucks). So if I don’t, it will be another night of watching Wet Hot eating entire blocks of cheese and sacks of dinner mints and crying/laughing into my stuffed Yoda.

  • I want to go see Michael Ian Black at 6th and I on Thursday because money’s tight, but it’s the perfect date for (one of the) cute Jewish girl(s) in my life!

  • Because of Stella

  • Cause I need a laugh! and I love sixth and I. and I’d love to go there sometime NOT for high holidays.

  • i should go because i love michael ian black. I’ve been trying to start a twitter fight with him for a while- just because i think it would be funny to see him make fun of me. this would be my chance to bring the fight to him in person

  • Used to see his Stella show up in NY at Fez and have been following him since his “The State” days.

  • In light of recent events (i.e. the tragic death of Patrice O’Neal) I figured there would be no better way to honor his memory than to spend a joyous evening belly laughing at the quips of another favorite VH1 commentator.

  • Because I adore his snarky I love the [insert decade here] comments and I think you cut in front of me at Chick-Fil-A the other week so you owe me one.

  • B/c I like him and maybe I can meet a man there…a nice Jewish boy… 🙂

  • I quite like The State.

  • because now i have tape all over my face.

  • Please pick me! I’m a huge Michael Ian Black fan and would love the opportunity to support a fellow New Jerseyan.

  • Please Please Please!!!!

  • Give them to the women whose husband left town while she was in cancer treatment so she can take someone else with her to the show.

  • I’d like to go because although I’m too cheap to buy tickets, my taste in live comedy is not cheap and a comedian of Michael Ian Black’s caliber only comes along perhaps once every millenium or century..(wait, which one has the 3 zeros behind it?) Anyway, he’s big talent. I’m a big fan, and I love free stuff.


  • Because otherwise, I’ll never drink Sierra Mist again.

  • today is my birthday. but not thursday when the show is. nor is it wednesday when you pick. i guess i got nothing..

  • Because I’m out of town on business and I’ll be celebrating the UAE’s National Day that day. Give me the tickets, because if I can’t go and have a good time, no one can.

  • houseintherear

    Because I LOVE PANTS!

  • Please pick me. Once I saw Stella and touched Michael Ian Black’s arm. He shook me off of him. I’d like the chance to not look like a weirdo fool in front of him. PoP, you’re my only hope!

  • Because my mom hates michael ian black and I plan on texting her every single raunchy joke until she turns off her phone.

    PS, all texts will be tweeted as well. I love you 40404.

  • orderedchaos

    I’d love to go because I’m still in mourning over the cancellation of “Michael and Michael Have Issues.” The “Fork” sketch still makes me giggle uncontrollably, as does the Sweatpants Store.

  • I grew up watching “The State,” and I’ve been a huge fan of Michael Ian Black ever since. I still remember lots of personal details about him from “The State,” including that he changed his name because he’s ashamed of being Jewish, that he doesn’t like receiving tacos in the mail, and that he occassionally enjoys $240 worth of pudding. It would be truly amazing to see him in person after all these years.

  • Because I loved him in Stella!

  • I want tickets because

    1. MIB’s real name is Michael Schwartz, which he changed because he’s ashamed of being Jewish.
    2. Often times, during sex, he cannot maintain an erection.
    3. They took away the baby he had with Kerri Kenney but didn’t know was his while she was in rehab.
    4. He has crabs.
    5. He has a hairpiece.
    6. He stole Captain Monterey Jack from the Carol Burnett Show.
    7. He ran over a kid once, when he was drunk.
    8. He’s got webbed feet.
    9. He has a glass eye.

  • Pick me because I worked for Vh1 from 2006-2007 and never got to log the good b-roll with MIB on a green screen.

  • I would like to go so I can tell him that not all Germans are Nazis.

  • because im a loud laugher. It is in everyones best interest that I attend

  • Because Michael Ian Black has unknowingly raised me from State to Stella. It’s time that I finally connect with this “father” figure and tell him that I love him. If he were to pass without hearing it from me, I’d never forgive myself.

  • Because I got something for him. It’s from Crate & Barrel. He can return it if he already has one.

  • Wet Hot American Summer.

    “Arty. Take a shower. You stink.”


    Its always fun to get away from camp, even if its just for an hour.


    Its always fun to get away from camp, even if it is just for an hour.


  • austindc

    I want to go because McKinley needs to experience the ultimate. And I think you know what I mean.

  • because i have nothing better to do on thursday night.

  • Because…”I LOVE PANTS!!!”

    And because I have read his book “My Custom Van” and laughed so hard it hurt.

    I have been a huge fan since The State when I was in 9th grade. My best friend and I were the only people at school that watched it. For my 30th Birthday my friends bought me the box set–best present ever.

    And, if I go, I promise to write a review for you!

  • I’d love to go! He cracks me up!! I need a fun night out so badly!

  • because i’ve had a crush on him since he was in the TV show “Ed” (the crazy show with the bowling ally lawyer)

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Congrats to yesplease!

  • Thanks POP! im stretching my laughal-chords with stella viewings.

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