Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights (reader request)

This rental is located at 11th Street NW at Otis Place:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Beautiful 3BR, 1.5BA, Victorian rowhouse two blocks from metro, Meridian Pint, Red Rocks and other restaurants on 11th St NW. Four blocks from Giant and DC USA shopping. Off-street parking for one car (or partially furnished patio with grill, your choice); bright open kitchen, formal dining room, spacious living room, powder room and original tile vestibule on main level; two huge bedrooms, one small bedroom and full bath upstairs. Central air/heat throughout, laundry room with washer/dryer, heart of pine floors, wood blinds, original pocket doors, granite counters, stainless appliances and ceiling fans. Must see to appreciate. $50 application, security deposit equal to one month’s rent. No pets or smoking please.”

$3400 sound right for this 3 bed/1.5 bath?

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  • Wait…am I reading that right? Is it saying you get the option of parking OR a patio? Would you be parking on the patio?

    • Yes. A choice of parking or outdoor space is pretty typical. Presumably the patio is either a plan concrete slab, or grass, or 2 brick-runners with grass inbetween and on the outsides.

  • Yeah, probably the back area is paved and big enough for either a car or to use as parking.

  • Two blocks is the new four blocks!

  • Ha. Same as my mortgage payment for a 4 br 3 bath rowhouse in CH, with garage and huge backyard. Glad to have bought instead of rent.

  • 3400 for practically Petworth? Not in a million years. And 1.5 bath?? Anyone can live in Dupont for that much. Silly just silly.

    • Excuse me while I get defensive but you’ve obviously never been to this neighborhood. It’s a great part of Columbia Heights – very close to Meridian Pint & other quick good eats but not too close to the madness of 14th St. I agree $3400 is steep – it’s more than our mortgage on a bigger place in the same neighborhood.

      • I lived in Columbia Heights for 3 years (Lamont Street). And my friend lived near 14th and Spring, so believe me I’ve been all over the hood.

        I guess I exaggerate on the Dupont thing. But I mean 1.5 bath should really only be for 2 people not 3. And for 2 people that’s 1700 so yeah I think you can find something further south in a safer place.

        I mean no offense of course but it is dangerous.

        • saf


          OK, that’s so not my experience – Perhaps being 2 blocks north makes it safer? (please note snark tags)

          Seriously, can you explain why you regard this place as dangerous?

          • We’re not talking about metro’s but the Columbia Heights metro has the highest number (by FAR) of crimes within a 500 meter distance and wayyyy wayyyy more than the forbidden Anacostia station that everyone talks so much smack about. Check the stats.

    • You can find a 3 BR 1.5 bedroom row house in Dupont for $3400? In decent shape? Really?

      Anyway, I do think it is overpriced, but it isn’t crazy. I’d say it should be more like $3K, $3,200 at most.

      • Buddy pays $2600 for a 2 br 900 sq foot apartment with no patio between Dupont and Admo. So no, you absolutely could not get anything close to this for $3400 in Dupont. Maybe $4400?

      • I actually live in a 3 BR 1.5 bath apartment in north Dupont for $3350. It’s not a whole row house, but it’s a huge second floor apartment with balcony, giant kitchen, etc. I also really like the area of CH where this house is, but isn’t part of the appeal supposed to be that it’s cheaper than Dupont?

  • Um, that is clearly not 2 blocks from the metro. Hate it when ads blatantly lie like that.

    • Yes, much more than 2 blocks.

      Also, when I see no bathroom or kitchen pictures in Craigslist ads that just screams to me “my bathrooms and kitchens suck a big one.:

  • So three people would be paying more than $1000 each to share a bathroom?

    • Yep, you’ve got it. I’d rather keep my 1300 a month for an entire basement apartment of my own.

    • At what price would you be ok with sharing a bathroom?

      (not snakring, seriously wondering, as sharing a bathroom has never been a dealbreaker for me).

      • I just wouldn’t share a bathroom, period. I mean the house would have to be amazingly awesome and the rent would have to be amazingly cheap (probably less than 800). This is just me and probably not the case of most. I grew up having my own bathroom and shared a bathroom with 3 others my freshman year of college and 9, yes you heard me right, my sophomore year. I’ve paid my dues.

      • shared bathroom = under $1000. that’s the cutoff. end of discussion!

    • 1100.

      in Petworth.

      PS for all the nay sayers I have three friends paying 750 each on Florida and 16th, 2 full bathrooms, row house.

      Very nice place.

      (Damn captcha code wouldn’t let me enter the duplicate without changing it)

      • Yadda Yadda, and they have been there for 6 years, and the rent hasn’t risen at all etc etc.

        Find me a place today at 16th and Florida with three BRs for anywhere near $2250…

    • +1

  • Maybe it’s cause I’ve been around here too long, but that rent doesn’t strike me as unreasonable.

  • Two blocks from Petworth Metro and four from DCUSA? I’d say this is appropriately priced, considering it sits on a fold in the space-time continuum.

  • I think Craigslist should make you give the exact cross streets or address, otherwise you can’t post.

    Embellishing is just going to piss me off, not make me more likely to Email you about the place.

    “Well I typed Logan Circle but I guess Bloomington’s not so bad. What the Hay I’ll Email them anyway”

  • Looks like a nice place and the neighborhood is great. $3,400 with parking and close to two metro stops sounds pretty fair to me.

  • 1100.

    in Petworth.

    PS for all the nay sayers I have three friends paying 750 each on Florida and 16th, 2 full bathrooms, row house.

    Very nice place.

  • i’m wondering how small the 3rd bedroom is. given that the really nice 2 bed place on champlain is the same price, i have to wonder how much each person saves if the person in the small bedroom is paying much less…


  • I paid less on the same block for 4br + den, 2.5 ba, with parking AND patio. This house looks a bit nicer, but not $400 nicer.

  • Might be a tad too high. A few hundred less and it should be on point. A two bath would’ve sealed the deal for me.

    I don’t think people realize how improved the area in north east CH is. The unique options on 11th street (with more coming within a couple months) and development heading south on Georgia from the Petworth metro are really making this a desirable area to live in.

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