Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located at 15th Street, NE at East Capitol Street, NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Historic Capitol Hill Car Barn!

Live among US Senators, Congressional Members, and, more importantly, a community of friendly neighbors (who may or may not be involved with politics!). Some consider it Washington DC’s version of Melrose Place, due to the popularity of the community pool. Others consider it a gem for its convenient location, making commutes to downtown, MD, or VA easy and quick. Those that live there treasure the beauty of the historic buildings and tranquil atmosphere of blooming trees and gardens.

This condo is open to rent starting on 11 December 2011.

Beautiful, large, renovated 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment
Renovated bathroom and kitchen
Washer / dryer
Wood-burning fireplace!

Utilities on your own, but water is included in rent. Heat and A/C costs are very reasonable.

Rent includes snow removal, raked leaves, professional landscaping

2 large closets in bedroom, and 2 large closets in living area, plenty of storage.

Large windows and natural light

Ideal location! Just off East Capitol Street

10 min walk to Eastern Market
12 min walk to Eastern Market Metro
15 min walk to US Capitol and US Supreme Court
4 min walk to Lincoln Park
10 min walk to Stadium/Armory Metro (RFK stadium)
10 min walk to Safeway
17 min walk to H Street Corridor (Atlas District)

Pool during the Summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day)

Pets are welcome!!”

This 1 bed is going for $1960.

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  • I don’t know about the rent (I think it’s expensive with no notable utilities and no parking, others might disagree) but I don’t think an apartment amenity should ever be “snow removal, raked leaves, professional landscaping.” That goes without saying; it’s like saying “apartment comes with walls, free of charge!!”

  • Also seems really high to me for that area without parking or utilities, but it’s a landlord’s market, I suppose.

  • But guys, it’s DC’s version of Melrose Place…which totally justifies the price!!! OMG!!

    Then again, it doesn’t say if it’s the old MP or the new, now defunct MP. If it’s the newer one, then it’s overpriced by $100. If it’s the older one, the price is right.

    /submitting application & packing my things

  • It’s a shame the living room is painted bright red. A lot of people’s stuff won’t match that– doesn’t anyone ever watch HGTV? “Paint neutral if you want to sell!”

  • Another thing – how many people are actually able to move in on the 11th of a month?

  • The pics aren’t great and the location is fine but not good enough to support the price – I say overpriced, and the ad is written to attract someone from out of town who doesn’t know any better (comparing it to Melrose Place, seriously? Plus most members of Congress can afford to live closer to the Capitol!)

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