Updated Scuttlebutt: Former Adams Mill Bar and Grill now will become…

An Italian restaurant? First I heard a Panera would be taking over the space, then I heard a Corner Bakery would be coming to the former Adams Mill Bar and Grill space which closed in Feb. ’11 at 1815 Adams Mill Road, NW. This property is killing my scuttlebutt to fact percentage. Well I’m in too deep to stop speculating now.

A reader sends a very scant report saying that a “new bar” was coming to the space and would probably open in April ’12. But no other details were revealed. So I’ve chatted with folks who usually have pretty good scuttlebutt percentages and they now say they hear an Italian restaurant will be taking over the space. I’m gonna keep digging for more details.

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  • I’m hoping for a video arcade with nothing but wall to wall old Star Wars machines.

  • Will it be haunted by the ghost of flip cup games past? Mysterious beer spills on the ground, etc.

  • How about a European-style cafe? The outdoor seating area would be perfect for this.

    Also, I am not fa- except its tin ceiling. I love tin ceilings.

  • Italian is good news. (No offense to the way overhyped Pasta Mias…) Corner Bakery was an uneeded chain. Plus the patio would have just been turned over to laptop squaters. Now I can enjoy a beer there once again. If this place is well run it’ll just be more proof Adams Morgan is taking off. Looking forward to Mintwood as well.

    • “If this place is well run it’ll just be more proof Adams Morgan is taking off.”

      Ya AdMo doesn’t have enough bars yet and is still in the emerging stage? huh?

      • Yeah, not only do I disagree with the logic that one well-run restaurant is indicative of a neighborhood “taking off”, didn’t Adams Morgan “take off” a while ago? Or by “taking off”, do you mean “becoming less dangerous”?

  • Yes to Italian if I can get two hour lunches and sit and enjoy a nice bottle of wine, fresh pasta, delicious veggies and excellent meat.

    Since I won’t get two hour lunches – yes to a great patio with nice arm chairs/coffee tables outdoors where you can sit and enjoy teh time go by.

  • andy

    I heard guys from some place in Shaw are going to come in and offer cheap liquor without a license? I’m not sure, maybe somebody else knows more…

  • In a previous life, it was an Italian restaurant (of sorts), the A-M outpost of Trio’s.

  • I’ve heard that some former Mill regulars want to buy it. Something about endangered animals and a fireman’s pole?

  • I’ve seen a lot of people coming and going from there the past few days (not just work crews who have also been there). The people who I’ve seen coming and going are young and casually dressed (not suits, more khakis and whatnot). This of course means absolutely nothing (how they are dressed) but I definitely don’t think a chain place is going on in there based on the folks who have been looking at it (they don’t look corporate).

  • I saw Reese Witherspoon and a fat homeless-looking white man I assume was her director filming a movie there a few months ago.

  • As someone who lives in the neighborhood, it’d be nice to see something that is a little bit more of a restaurant…and a lot less of a drink til you drop (or throw up) bar. AM has way too many of those.

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