Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located at 405 10th Street NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Stunning restoration of a historic 1928 apartment building offers convenient, upscale housing to Capitol Hill city residents.

· Laundry On-Site
· Reserved Parking
· Gourmet Kitchens
· Wood and Carpeted Floors
· Microwave
· Dishwasher

Studio $1150 + Electric and Water Available for asap move in.”

$1150 + Electric and Water sound right?

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  • I just got a place about a block away for under $800!

    • Incredible!

      I think this price is right for a studio in an older building in this location.

      • I really like the location. Not too far off on the NE periphery of Capitol Hill to not be close to Eastern Market and Pennsylvania Ave, but still very close to Lincoln Park, H Street, Union Station, etc.

        • Also convenient to several very useful bus lines, and there’s a great bike lane that goes down 11th. And plenty of street parking. I think this location is ideal for anyone, unless they work on the other side of town or are opposed to walking more than 15 minutes to the metro or taking any other form of transit.

  • Looks nice but I’d really need to see it – I know it’s small but from the too-few photos is seems like it might be tiny. Still, worth a visit, given that it includes parking and a dishwasher.

  • I refuse to rent from any Craigslist ad that has obnoxious headlines. I don’t care how great a deal it is.

    • THIS. Also, if we’re going to nitpick, that’s a nice kitchen for a studio. Nothing like I’d envision if I were fantasizing about a gourmet kitchen.

  • That’s a great deal, unless there’s some major flaw they’re not telling us about. Especially with the parking! It’s only a couple hundred more than I paid for a one-bedroom a few blocks up 5 years ago.

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