The 5pm Post – Military and the Media Lecture at AU Thurs.

Photo Credit: Louie Palu

From an email:

Louie Palu in conjunction with several guests will be giving a lecture as part of the following event.

Thursday November 17 begins at 6:30 pm

Military and the Media:
How military/veterans/war coverage has changed since 9/11

American University, Wechsler Theater.
Located in Mary Graydon Center, room 315

The program will start at 6:30 pm with a Q&A interview session with a U.S. veteran of the Iraq War.

This will be followed with a lecture by photographer Louie Palu.

The evening will conclude with a panel discussion.

The event is free.”

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  • he’s hot

  • Louie Palu has spent the last several years embedded with different branches of the military. He is one hell of a photojournalist, and if you want to know what the war in Afghanistan is like, then don’t miss his lecture. We forget that the war is still going on, but it is work like Palu’s that reminds us that we still have a long way to go.

    • no, only some of you forget the war is still going on.

      Some of us…not so much.

      • +1. Coming from a military family, we have known all too well when a war was going on. However, 13thstreetfan makes a point. With an all-volunteer force, the burden of war is not being felt across a wide swath of the nation. Rather, it is our service members and their families (a small minority in this country) who feel it most keenly. Frustrating perhaps, but true.

  • That photo is truly stunning. Huge ups to the photographer.

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