Stabbing by National Cathedral Sat. Night

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From @DCPoliceDept around 11:30pm Sat. night:

“Police Activity // Stabbing // 2900 Block Wisconsin Ave NW // NO Lookout // Street Closure”

From @IAFF36:

“Wisconsin Ave & Massachusetts Ave NW – one patient stabbed multiple times, transported pri. 1, serious & life threatening”

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  • i would be interested to see how the neighborhood responds to this horrible crime.

  • This is why we shouldn’t have churches in our neighborhoods. A magnet for violance.

  • Wow, that’s really unusual for that neighborhood. Maybe it was over a tennis match.

  • Looks like things got out of hand at the weekly neighborhood chardonnay party

  • Apparently it’s funny when people get stabbed in certain neighborhoods. This isn’t DCist. New low for PoPville.

  • I don’t follow your logic. Are you saying that crimes occur as frequently in the Cathedral area as in, say, Columbia Heights? I’d like to see the evidence for that. Anyway, what about this story brings up “associating a neighborhood with crime”?

    • andy

      I also would like to see people follow the evidence when they talk about crime and safety in our city’s various neighborhoods. This story is unfortunate proof that violent crime happens west of the Park, too, which is at least mildly newsworthy.

      • So I shouldn’t hold my breath that you’re going to back your post (straw man) up. Got it. If you want evidence of crime frequency in any part of DC, check the MPD website. And I don’t recall anyone saying there’s no crime west of the park.

        • andy

          OK, easy, dude. I’m not trying to make anyone mad, prop up straw men, or sign myself up for homework on the MPD website! This is just a conversation, and I’m sorry that the Internet can make these conversations seem so unfriendly.

          I’m sure you’ve met people who measure levels of violence in their neighborhoods against neighborhoods west of Rock Creek Park. I just hope people would think twice before they say one neighborhood is more dangerous than another.

          Have a great Monday!

          • sorry, didn’t mean for that to be aso ranty ; )

          • There was this time that someone got carjacked in McLean, therefore there are no neighborhood disparities when it comes to crime.

          • I don’t want this to be an unfriendly conversation at all. But to say that one incident of domestic violence (which is tragic and reprehensible) means that the Cathedral neighborhood has crime just like Petworth or Columbia Heights or wherever makes no sense. The fact that this happens so seldom in that neighborhood makes it news.

          • here is the mpd twitter feed. it gives a somewhat decent indication of where crimes and other incidents are going on.

            saying one neighborhood is more dangerous than another is like saying that one neighborhood has more good restaurants than another. there is a little bit of subjectivity, and a whole lot of facts.

      • this old yarn again. absurd. and insulting to those of us that live in transitional neighborhoods that have deeply routed crime issues. i’ve lived in really nice neighborhoods in dc and in transitional ones. comparing them is pointless. we want to solve our crime issues. we don’t do that by saying,” see crime happens elsewhere too” then have the very seldoms stats to justify it. we solve our issues by first recognizing them. and let’s be honest, this blog is especially for those of us in transitional neighborhoods. we’re facing issues that those west of the park rarely give a shit about, and we face them weekly, if not daily. if this stabbing had happened in edgewood or petworth or columbia heights, there would be 7 other crimes associated with it. and no witnesses to any of it. crimes in our hoods get settled on the street. i bet this crime will get settled in the courtroom. areas west of the park are not losing children to violence. and you do not need a lot of street smarts to live there. that’s the difference.

        and yes, of course, dc is better than is used to be, and yes, i lived here then. but we have a long long way to go to stamp out the systemic violence in our hoods.

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